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New downloads from Linn Records

Premiere Recordings from Martin Chalifour Fans of Martin’s debut album will be pleased that the outstanding violinist is back with his second album which showcases his versatility with performances of Mozart, Lutoslawski and two premiere recordings. Recorded in the magnificent Walt Disney Hall (described by producer Bob Attiyeh as ‘a recording engineer’s dream’), Martin plays […]

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It’s finally here – The Sonos PLAY:3!

The wireless HI-FI system that allows you to play all the music on earth wirelessly in any room. Digital music with HiFi sound. With 3 driver speaker system, 3 digital amps, 1 tweeter, 2 mid-range drivers and 1 bass radiator you can now play your entire music library – as well as online music and […]

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Linn Majik DSI

Linn’s Majik DS-I is the ultimate one-box DS system and the future hub of your home entertainment system. Majik DS-I delivers exceptional audio performance from any analogue or digital source, from your ripped CDs and music downloads to your cherished turntable or latest movie player, and even your satellite TV or games console. The Majik […]

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New Linn Majik Isobarik Speakers

  Coming very soon New Linn Majik Isobarik Speakers A new chapter is due to be written in Linn loudspeaker design with the inspired re-invention of a classic design.  Featuring a unique isobaric bass system which produces rich, deep bass from a relatively compact cabinet, Linn Majik Isobarik is an ingenious reconstruction of a much-loved […]

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New 2011 Klimax Revisited!

Improving a great design is always a challenge, and the new Klimax DS has taken Linn over four years to develop with a completely re-designed audio board, significantly lowering distortion, jitter and noise floor even further.  Linn have also developed the latest Dynamik Power Supply for the Klimax Solos and Klimax Twin. Why not come […]

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