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Linn Sondek LP12 Service, Repairs & Upgrades @ Rococo Systems
12 May 2015

Linn Sondek LP12 Service, Repairs & Upgrades @ Rococo Systems

The longest lived Hi-Fi product of all time is the Linn Sondek. The Linn Sondek LP12 is an investment which you will want to cherish and pass down to the next generation for them to enjoy. We have brought back to life more than 50 Linn LP12’s in the last year, although streaming is great fun and simplistic there is still nothing better than playing...

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03 Dec 2014

6 Ways to Love your Linn

  The launch of the Linn Akurate Aukubarik system   has got everyone thinking about the best ways to use a Linn system. Linn  all have our favourite control apps and music services – the great thing about a Linn system is you can keep using these and still make everything sound better. Get more from your Linn – release the potential of your digital music and...

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24 Nov 2014

Enjoy a Christmas gift, with love from Linn

As a special Christmas gift, Linn are giving away a different, free 24-bit Studio Master track every day in December, until Christmas Eve. Explore and expand your musical tastes with a host of award-winning recordings from a variety of genres and musicians, including well-known favourites. Each day they will also post an exciting new video letting you discover the story behind every song. But we know no-one...

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11 Nov 2012

8 Tips For Getting Kids Into Classical Music

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/CLSUHj8HTiA” ratio=”4:3″] When they are babies, buy your children musical toys that play classical music. These can range from cuddly toys that also speak, to night time soothers which will help them feel safe and relaxed at bedtime. Choose computer games that incorporate classical music, or neo-classical. For example, try Lemmings, a puzzle platform game that can develop their problem solving skills, and incidentally,...

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09 Oct 2012


The 2012 Classic BRIT Award winners were announced on 2nd October and Linn is proud to be able to bring you several recordings by the award-winning artists in Studio Master quality.   Firstly a big congratulations to Benjamin Grosvenor, who is having a great fortnight having won a Gramophone Award at the end of September.  His debut album on the Decca label, ‘Chopin, Liszt, Ravel’ saw him...

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19 Sep 2012

Alfie Boe – Franz LehÍr: Love was a Dream CD

  Alfie studied at the Royal College of Music, the National Opera Studio and was a member or the Vilar Young Artists Programme at the Royal Opera House, London. He has performed Rodolfo at Glyndebourne, English National Opera and in Baz Luhrmann’s production of La Boheme on Broadway, for which he won a Tony Award. Other operatic roles include Alfredo, Tamino, Don Ottavio, Ferrando, Lysander,...

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14 Sep 2012

The Evolution of Music to Benefit the Evolution of Humans

Biomusicology Biomusicology is a new field that studies music from a biological point of view. Biomusicologists believe that music has been around long before humans. Music has been in existence as long as the animals have roamed the world. From birds to whales, many different species of animals use music to communicate with each other. Humans and Music It is believed that humans are hardwired...

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12 Sep 2012

A Sweet and Melancholy Sound – Listening to Fado Music in Portugal

If you are planning a getaway to the Algarve region of Portugal for your next holiday, why not plan in an evening of listening to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of traditional Fado music? When you are on holiday abroad, you see the sights, taste the food and feel the sunshine on your skin. By going to a Fado performance you can take it one step...

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19 Jun 2012

History of Record Players

The record player was an invention of the renowned Thomas Edison, in 1877. It could both record and reproduce sound, whereas previous devices, such as the phonautograph and the paleophone, had only been able to record. Alexander Graham Bell improved the design in the 1880s and in 1900 Emile Berliner developed the playable record, utilising disks rather than cylinders. Midway through the 19th century the record player...

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27 Sep 2011

A Year of Celebration

It is nearly a year since Linn Records was named Gramophone’s Label of the Year, a tremendous achievement for a small independent label from Glasgow. During the last 12 months Linn has been busy bringing you a wealth of new music, including premiere recordings, exciting debuts and Linn’s first opera! And ending this year on a high, they are proud to announce that three of...

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