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Linn Organik DAC Has Grown

Linn Organik DAC has grown – Akubarik Upgrade Now Available The sublime performance of Linn  Organik DAC – first debuted in next-generation Linn Klimax DSM in 2021 – is now available as a retrofit upgrade to Akubarik integrated loudspeakers This new upgrade joins the established list of Linn Organik-compatible products – comprising Limn Klimax 350 […]

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Klimax Solo 800

Introducing the new Linn Klimax Solo 800 amplifier. Linn  have created a high-performance amplifier which can drive any given speaker optimally – under any conditions. To achieve this, Linns’ electronic engineers returned to first principles with their crosshairs trained on ‘consistency’ and ‘accuracy’ – because consistency and accuracy are key to pure, unadulterated, power amp […]

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Linn Utopik Promotion ends 31st January There is now just over one week remaining to take advantage of Linns’ Utopik power supply promotion. Until the end of this month, when you purchase any new Linn DSM, amplifier, loudspeaker, Exaktbox, or complete Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, you will receive a free Utopik upgrade for any other compatible product (listed below). This promotion […]

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Linn’s New Utopik Power Supply Promotion starting

Linn’s New Utopik Power Supply Promotion starting 1st November 2023 until 31st January 2024 Today, Linn’s New Utopik Power Supply Promotion starting. Linn has launched an amazing new promotion to coincide with the roll-out of their new Utopik Power supply available across much of their range. Promo Details:- Purchase any of the Linn products below to receive […]

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Powered by Linn Utopik

Powered by Linn Utopik is Linn’s all-new generation of exceptionally efficient and highly responsive switch-mode power supplies for their products. Powered by Linn Utopik provides the best of both worlds, comfortably with maximum power whilst retaining speed, responsiveness, and consummate efficiency. It maintains absolutely stable output voltage; providing Linn products with relentlessly optimised, pure power […]

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Linn Selekt Edition DSM

Linn Selekt Edition DSM ….. We get it… goodbyes are hard. Your Linn Akurate streamer has provided countless hours of musical enjoyment and it must seem unthinkable to part with it.That is, until you discover the fantastic trade-in deals we can offer you against a brand-new Selekt DSM: Edition featuring Organik DAC and Utopik a […]

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Linn Selekt DSM Demo

Linn Selekt DSM Demo at Rococo Systems & Design.  At Rococo, we have all the variants of Linn Selekt DSM’s on demo. Linn Selekt Edition DSM Hub, with organik DAC, with new Utopik Power supply and power amplification. Linn Selekt Classik DSM Hub, with new Utopik power supply, organik DAC, and power amplification. Linn Selekt […]

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Linn’s New Selekt DSM Range

Linn’s New Selekt DSM Range Following the recent discontinuation of Linn’s Akurate range, we now offer a vast ecosystem of options within the Selekt DSM range, including two variations of enclosure – Classic and Edition. Introducing Linn Selekt DSM: Edition Hub Edition Hub was engineered using key learnings from Linn’s reference streamer, Klimax DSM. Improved rigidity […]

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Linn EX Demo & Second Hand

Linn Ex Demo & Second Hand items for sale. We have these Linn Ex Demo & Second Hand quality items available. They are all in excellent condition with original packaging and all original accessories. Linn Klimax Exakt hub in silver Linn Ninka Speakers in Cherry Linn LK140 x 2 Linn Activ Cards for Linn Ninka […]

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Linn Select DSM – Make it your own

Linn Select DSM – Make it your own Every so often, a new product comes along that redefines expectations and revolutionises standards, forging its own path in the name of innovation and ingenuity. Linn Selekt DSM is the most configurable digital music player ever. It is versatile, upgradeable and, crucially, sounds exceptional. This digital music […]

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