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Rococo’s KEF section, now complete with hundreds of new up to date audio equipment for your home.

Like KEF? Then love Rococo Systems.

We are now finished updating our KEF section and hundreds of new up-to-date products have been added to KEF’s product selection, with fantastic prices.

XQ60b Powered Subwoofer With 200W Class-D Amplifier

The attractive curved cabinet and rich gloss black finish of the XQ60b is an elegant covering that beautifully wraps a subwoofer that is all about performance.

The combination of a massive 300mm die-cast long-throw LF driver driven by a powerful 200W RMS Class-D amplifier delivers high output and deep, tight, tuneful bass that is as sure to cleanly reproduce the thunderous effects of the latest James Bond movie, as it is to provide the subtle LF support and detail of a Mahler symphony.

The KHT3005SE-W system floods the room with the same dense, intricate and richly textured 3D sound image as the KHT3005SE, but with a valuable additional benefit: the convenience of a wireless version of the award-winning HTB2SE subwoofer, which eliminates the need to embed or trail cables around the room.

Save £130 on the KEF C Series AV5 speaker package. Comprised of KEF C5 for the front speakers, KEF C1 for the rears, the C6LCR centre and the KEF C Series C4 subwoofer.

The new KEF C Series has been engineered to uphold the company’s long-held tradition of making speakers that provide the most accurate response possible at the price point. This aim gives the listener the satisfaction of hearing a recording with almost studio or concert-hall clarity and precision.

For many more  high quality audio equipment at great prices, visit us today to discover for yourselves the stylish new subwoofers, in-ceiling speakers, home theatre systems and more that KEF has to offer.

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