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Linn Organik DAC Has Grown

Linn Organik DAC has grown – Akubarik Upgrade Now Available

Linn Organik DAC has grown – Akubarik Upgrade Now Available

The sublime performance of Linn  Organik DAC – first debuted in next-generation Linn Klimax DSM in 2021 – is now available as a retrofit upgrade to Akubarik integrated loudspeakers

This new upgrade joins the established list of Linn Organik-compatible products – comprising Limn Klimax 350 loudspeakers, Linn Klimax Exaktbox, any Selekt DSM, and all variants of Linn Klimax DS and DSM – even the very first model manufactured in 2007.

The entirely homegrown Linn Organik DAC has grown and produces Linn’s most natural sound ever.

Creating their own DAC from first principles marks a milestone achievement for Linn.

With Organik being largely responsible for the seven Product of the Year awards granted to Linn Klimax DSM, and the rave reviews and magazine front covers devoted to Linn’s 360 Exakt Integrated loudspeakers.

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