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Linn Organik DAC Has Grown

Linn Organik DAC has grown – Akubarik Upgrade Now Available The sublime performance of Linn  Organik DAC – first debuted in next-generation Linn Klimax DSM in 2021 – is now available as a retrofit upgrade to Akubarik integrated loudspeakers This new upgrade joins the established list of Linn Organik-compatible products – comprising Limn Klimax 350 […]

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Fyne F501 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Fyne Audio Speakers

Fyne Audio Speakers are a relatively new British name in the audio world, but there is over 200 years of collective loudspeaker design and manufacturing expertise across their management team. Priding themselves on being devoted audio professionals with a passion for music and a desire for the finest sound quality. The Experience The experience Fyne […]

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Linn Akurate DS

Linn Akurate DS – The Amazing Digital Music All-rounder

Linn DS music players offer you top-quality performance and flexibility whether you’re listening to movie soundtracks or studio master recordings. This month, we’re taking an in-depth look at each of the four players in the DS range, which include the Klimax, Majik, Sneaky, and Akurate DS. Linn Akurate DS The Akurate DS supports all popular […]

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Join our Linn Space Optimisation Masterclass

According to one of our favourite audio equipment manufacturers, Linn, “Every room has its own particular sound”. For example, your sitting room might be narrow with particularly high ceilings while your generously sized dining room boasts floor-to-ceiling windows. These two examples give you an indication of how the acoustics of each room can differ wildly. […]

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Systems to fit your life: The Linn Majik System

Put a Linn Majik system at the heart of your home and everything sounds better: music, movies, games, TV, radio. It’s small, but perfectly formed. Perfect sound doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag but it will make your day a lot more enjoyable. Whatever you listen to, it sounds better with […]

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Linn Akubarik – The Linn Activ Loudspeaker You’ve Been Waiting 40 Years For

40 years of Linn’s loudspeaker knowledge and expertise have been applied to produce the Linn Akubarik – a new Linn loudspeaker that stands apart from the crowd. Linn Akubarik includes a host of ground-breaking technical developments as well building on key technologies from Linn’s reference Linn Klimax 350A loudspeakers. What So Special About Linn Akubarik? […]

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Linn Klimax 350a Review

Linn Klimax 350a Review Uncompromising in every conceivable aspect, the Klimax 350a is the perfect playback solution for the highest quality source components. All full-range Klimax loudspeakers feature our unique 3K Driver Array technology, a beautifully machined die-cast array which improves high frequency performance and ensures the same level of audio quality throughout the room. Klimax […]

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