Rococo Systems have been distributors of Linn entertainment systems for over 20 years. Supplying and recommending the best products to make your home or office an entertainment hub. Specialising in audio systems best suited for your interior, our knowledge and expertise can transform your favourite tracks and make them sound like their original performances.

Linn’s Story began with a young man named Ivor Tiefenbrun gifting himself with the deluxe hifi system he always dreamed of having. But there was a slight problem, when he began to listen to his favourite tracks on the luxury system the quality of sound was nowhere near as developed as the hifi he used to listen to at his parents’ house. As an engineer he tried to work out why. It was commonly known, at his time, that bigger speakers offered better sound, after detailed experiments Ivor worked out that this concept was very wrong. What he had discovered was that the quality of sound depends upon the amount of musical information the source receives and any information that is lost along the way is gone forever, no matter how experienced the rest of the system is.

This is where Ivor began to solve the problem, he realized that it was time to rethink the turntable. Although his own looked similar to all other turntables of that time, the sound was completely different. He had designed his to be immune from acoustic feedback to ensure it would receive as much information from the record as possible, and it worked! He proved to others that his turntable could create maximum sound at a great quality, which led to the first Linn product being born – the Sondek LP12.

The next step for Ivors Linn’s journey was the innovation of technology. He always knew that tech would involve over the years which would result in new ways to improve sound. This is why Ivor ensured he designed the Sondek LP12 in a modular way, a way which was upgradable so his customers could benefit from the improvements in the future. By allowing his customers to fully upgrade products to the very latest specifications he has built and improved customer relationships and loyalties.

Now 50 years later, Linn are one of the mainstream high end hifi suppliers worldwide, this is all thanks to Ivor’s dedication and knowledge. With new innovations such as Space Optimisation and Katalyst DAC, your favourite tracks and TV shows have never sounded so real and immersive.

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