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Tag: Review

The 10 Greatest Music Gadgets ever.

What are the greatest music gadgets ever invented? Find out which 10 important pieces of music-making kit changed everything for the better. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “Life without music would be a mistake.” 1. Dansette (1952)   Selling one million units in the 50s and 60s, Dansette became a household name in post-war Britain […]

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Q Acoustics Introduces Its New 7000 Series

(And Gets Ready To Storm The ‘Style’ Home Cinema Market) We are very pleased to introduce Q Acoustics Q7000 a completely new ‘Style’ home cinema loudspeaker package with truly class leading performance. Describing the new speakers Tony Jones, Q Acoustics’ Brand Manager said: “They are small, look beautiful in either gloss black or gloss white […]

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Grado Wins 25 Stars!

Grado Fantastic Reviews Grado headphones receive so many fantastic reviews, but this year they have topped them all. The September 2011 edition of What HI-FI? Sound & Vision magazine conducts a ‘Megatest’ of more than 40 pairs of headphones. The huge seventeen page review includes five Grado models; the iGrado, SR80i, SR325i, PS1000 and the […]

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New downloads from Linn Records

Premiere Recordings from Martin Chalifour Fans of Martin’s debut album will be pleased that the outstanding violinist is back with his second album which showcases his versatility with performances of Mozart, Lutoslawski and two premiere recordings. Recorded in the magnificent Walt Disney Hall (described by producer Bob Attiyeh as ‘a recording engineer’s dream’), Martin plays […]

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