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Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network Solutions

WiFi has become an essential part of modern living and we frequently hear stories of the frustration it can cause. Especially with most of us working from home in this current climate its very important that the internet within your home is working up to speed. There is nothing worse than your zoom call fuzzing in and out every two minutes!

Here at Rococo we have a team of WiFi Networking experts. With over a decade of experience they have helped many of our customers achieve full and reliable coverage throughout their homes.


If you are frustrated with poor coverage or unreliable connections to the basic router provided by your Internet Service Provider, we can help – without breaking the bank.

Our professionally installed, commercial grade, WiFi systems are both affordable and a boon for modern living. The demands of Tablets, Games Consoles, Smart TVs, and Audio Systems such as Linn all require robust WiFi.

With multiple access points and powerful, new, “smart roaming” technology we can ensure you always have the strongest signal available to you wherever you are in your home.

Contact us now as the first step towards removing the stress and frustration associated with poor wireless networking.