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Category: Linn DS

Linn introduces 4th generation DAC architecture to deliver the ultimate music source

Scottish innovators break the boundaries of audio performance once more 2007 saw the launch of the Linn Klimax DS, the first truly high-end network music player, developed with the single aim of providing the best possible musical performance from digital audio. Every aspect of its design was carefully drawn from first principles in order to […]

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Linn Akurate DS

Linn Akurate DS – The Amazing Digital Music All-rounder

Linn DS music players offer you top-quality performance and flexibility whether you’re listening to movie soundtracks or studio master recordings. This month, we’re taking an in-depth look at each of the four players in the DS range, which include the Klimax, Majik, Sneaky, and Akurate DS. Linn Akurate DS The Akurate DS supports all popular […]

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UK Linn Knekt Servicing, Repairs, and Upgrade Specialists

If you’re as passionate about high-quality audio equipment as we are, you’ll no doubt be aware that the Linn Knekt system is Scottish-based manufacturer Linn’s original multi-room audio distribution system. This iconic piece of technology helped pave the way for today’s Linn systems that we know and love today, and inspired other manufacturers to create […]

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Join our Linn Space Optimisation Masterclass

According to one of our favourite audio equipment manufacturers, Linn, “Every room has its own particular sound”. For example, your sitting room might be narrow with particularly high ceilings while your generously sized dining room boasts floor-to-ceiling windows. These two examples give you an indication of how the acoustics of each room can differ wildly. […]

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