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Linn Utopik Promotion ends 31st January

There is now just over one week remaining to take advantage of Linns’ Utopik power supply promotion.

Until the end of this month, when you purchase any new Linn DSM, amplifier, loudspeaker, Exaktbox, or complete Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, you will receive a free Utopik upgrade for any other compatible product (listed below).

This promotion also applies to Linn Organik upgrades across our range; purchase an Organik DAC module for your Selekt DSM, for example, and get a free-of-charge upgrade to Utopik at the same time!

Linn Utopik Promotion ends 31st January

  • Klimax DSM (All Models)
  • Klimax DS (All Models)
  • Klimax System Hub (All Models)                                       
  • Selekt DSM (All Models)
  • Akurate DSM (All Models)
  • Akurate DS (All Models)
  • Akurate Exaktbox-6 and -10
  • Kustom DSM Z4 and Z8
  • Majik DS (All Models)

Remember the Linn Utopik Promotion ends 31st January

There are many ways in which you can benefit from this Lin  Utopik promotion, so please get in touch with Rococo without delay to discover your options.