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Tag: Amplifier

Linn Sondek LP12 Service, Repairs & Upgrades @ Rococo Systems

The longest lived Hi-Fi product of all time is the Linn Sondek. The Linn Sondek LP12 is an investment which you will want to cherish and pass down to the next generation for them to enjoy. We have brought back to life more than 50 Linn LP12’s in the last year, although streaming is great […]

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Complimentary 60-day trial of TIDAL for Linn DS owners

    We are extremely excited to announce the seamless integration of TIDAL’s new lossless music streaming service into all Linn DS players. With TIDAL you can now stream over 25 million tracks at CD-quality, making it the ultimate online library for fans of high quality music. Linn DS owners* can experience this lossless streaming […]

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Linn Lounge Presents Pink Floyd

  Thursday 5th February 2015, 7:00pmSuffolk, UK Rococo Systems And Design Come along to Linn Lounge presents Pink Floyd and hear one of the world’s most infamous rock bands played in the highest quality available – on a Linn system in Studio Master. You’ll experience the inner depths of Pink Floyd’s strangely psychedelic and conceptual […]

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Amping It Up

With the ever-growing demand for more products to be designed with the environment in mind, it has spawned some ingenius products which are simple and do not have any negative effects on the environment. In the Hi-Fi and home entertainment industry there have not been many radical environmentally driven products. But now a completely new […]

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Linn’s Akurate Kontrol Pre-Amplifier

Designed from the ground up as a dedicated stereo pre-amplifier,Linn Akurate Kontrol features ultra-low distortion circuitry & uses galvanic isolation to effectively ‘disconnect’ unused sources to further reduce crosstalk, interference & noise. With up to seven analogue inputs available & high quality XLR & RCA connectors used, Linn Akurate Kontrol has the flexibility to match […]

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Rococo’s KEF section, now complete with hundreds of new up to date audio equipment for your home.

Like KEF? Then love Rococo Systems. We are now finished updating our KEF section and hundreds of new up-to-date products have been added to KEF’s product selection, with fantastic prices. XQ60b Powered Subwoofer With 200W Class-D Amplifier The attractive curved cabinet and rich gloss black finish of the XQ60b is an elegant covering that beautifully […]

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Only two weeks to go for Linn +2 promo

There’s only two weeks left to take advantage of our special +2 promotion, so ensure you don’t miss out by checking our Linn Range today! Until Friday 16th September 2011, customers who buy a Linn power amplifier will get an extra two channels of amplification completely free. This is an excellent opportunity to take yourself […]

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