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Category: Industry News

Linn Selekt DSM Demo

Linn Selekt DSM Demo at Rococo Systems & Design.  At Rococo, we have all the variants of Linn Selekt DSM’s on demo. Linn Selekt Edition DSM Hub, with organik DAC, with new Utopik Power supply and power amplification. Linn Selekt Classik DSM Hub, with new Utopik power supply, organik DAC, and power amplification. Linn Selekt […]

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Linn Select DSM – Make it your own

Linn Select DSM – Make it your own Every so often, a new product comes along that redefines expectations and revolutionises standards, forging its own path in the name of innovation and ingenuity. Linn Selekt DSM is the most configurable digital music player ever. It is versatile, upgradeable and, crucially, sounds exceptional. This digital music […]

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Custom Home Cinema from Rococo Systems

Design your home cinema with Rococo Systems

Home Cinema Design Make your digital dreams come true, with the help of Rococo Systems. Based in London and Essex we have over 30 years experience in creating bespoke home cinemas. Our team of experts are on hand to listen to your requirements and develop a plan within your budget. Dedicated Home Cinemas Your home […]

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Anthem MRX AV Receiver Trade-In Promotion Has Been Extended!

Anthem MRX AV Receiver Trade-In Promotion – Extended Until End of January 2015! Save up to £350* when purchasing a new Anthem MRX AV Receiver between 3rd October and 31st January 2015 with theMRX AV Receiver Trade-In Promotion, which has been designed to offer customers a genuine saving. The more you spend, the more you […]

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Why Not Visit Linn?

Linn loves to welcome visitors to their Richard Rogers designed facility in Glasgow, Scotland. Come and relax in their beautifully appointed Linn Home where you’ll have the unique audio experience of hearing your favourite music on their award-winning network music systems. It’s also a stylish setting for a drinks reception or private dinner party. If […]

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Linn are proud to introduce a new revolution in hi-fi – Exakt. By integrating Source-First, Aktiv and DS into one incredible new technology, Exakt, Linn has turned the loudspeaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product. Linn Exakt eliminates the loss caused by analogue crossovers in design, corrects for variance in drive units in manufacture, and […]

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Kaleidescape Store launches in UK alongside new Cinema One system

Kaleidescape has launched the new Cinema One movie server, a (slightly) more affordable and more accessible version of the Kaleidescape high-end home cinema experience. The Kaleidescape Cinema One (£3,295) is released alongside the UK launch of the Kaleidescape Store, a film and TV show download service that uniquely makes the complete Blu-ray (and DVD) disc […]

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