Multi-Room Systems

Multi-Room Systems from Rococo

Multi-room Systems are designed for people who love their music and want to enjoy it when and where they choose with the minimum of fuss and the avoidance of clutter.

Our recommended systems support all of the types music services you might need in your home, be it your stored music, radio from all over the world or any of the music-on-demand services.

Multi-Room Media Systems

Linn DS Multi-Room

It’s simple to enjoy Linn DS performance from your music throughout your home. As Linn DS connects to your home network, you can simply add a Linn DS player and associated hi-fi components to the network in any room.

Linn Selekt DSM

Linn Selekt DSM

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Linn Knekt Multi-Room

Linn Knekt was the original multi-room system supplied by Linn. At Rococo, we are one of a few of Linn’s Knekt specialists, and have been installing, servicing and repairing multi-room systems for over 20 years.

Linn Knekt - Multi Room

Linn Knekt – Multi Room

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Niles Auriel Multi-Room

Niles MRC-6430 is the first-in-its-class multi-room audio chassis that integrates multi-room audio and home theatre control in a way that is both simple for the installer to set up and enjoyable for the homeowner to use.

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Systemline 7 Multi-Room

Systemline 7 has been designed to offer the best possible home music and TV experience while discretely complementing the design of your home. Up to 24 fully independent music zones (including outdoor).

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Multi Room DS  from Linn has arrived

New from Linn Kustom DSM  a Multi-zone network music player .   As from today you can now  enjoy Linn quality sound in every room of your home.  Incorporating Linn’s proven, best-in-class DSM streaming technology,  Linn Kustom DSM provides four or eight zones of audio from one compact, if required rack-mountable product.

Kustom DSM

Kustom DSM

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