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The Evolution of Music to Benefit the Evolution of Humans


Biomusicology is a new field that studies music from a biological point of view. Biomusicologists believe that music has been around long before humans. Music has been in existence as long as the animals have roamed the world. From birds to whales, many different species of animals use music to communicate with each other.

Humans and Music

It is believed that humans are hardwired to make music. People in prehistoric times were likely to make whistles or drums out of bones. Later people constructed instrument to play for fun or to be used for ceremonies. Around 2,500 years ago, Pythagoras used math to come up with the musical scale. Then each note was given a letter in order to read and write music.

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Evolution of Music

Music began to transform as the years went on. As music developed, it became more complex. Cultures began to adopt music and develop it to express their traditions. Overtime, the expansion of music caused the expansion of designs of instruments. Religion also had an influence on the development of music. It was being played in churches and monasteries. Later music began to reflect cultural changes throughout the decades. Music changed from the classical era where Beethoven and Bach were popular and expanded to rock and roll where Elvis came into the scene.

Emotional Value of Music

People enjoy listening to music because of the emotional benefits it offers. Some listen to oldies because it brings back memories. Others enjoy classical because it relaxes them. A few like rock because it pumps them up. Whatever the reason, each person has a reason why they listen to their favorite type of music.

Music throughout a Lifetime

People are exposed to music at all ages. When they are babies, parents will sing songs or lullabies. Mothers have even started playing music to their children while they are still in the womb. Kids in preschool or kindergarten listen to songs that help them understand math, geography, and even history. People who undergo stress or traumatic events will even go through musical therapy to help recover from health problems like stroke.


No matter the reason, music is listened to on a daily bases. The rhythms and instruments helps people relax, deal with stress, focus, and feel. Live music and recorded music has benefits for everyone and it will continue to evolve with the people to listen to it.

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