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6 Ways to Love your Linn


The launch of the Linn Akurate Aukubarik system   has got everyone thinking about the best ways to use a Linn system.

Linn  all have our favourite control apps and music services – the great thing about a Linn system is you can keep using these and still make everything sound better.

Get more from your Linn – release the potential of your digital music and listen to movies, games, TV and radio in high quality for the first time.

See what our systems can do

Play music wirelessly

Play music wirelessly on your Linn system by sending sound from iTunes, Windows Media Player etc. using our Songcast app – anything you normally listen to on your computer can be played back in higher quality through your Linn.

Stream online music and movie services such as Spotify, Netflix and BBC iPlayer – get more from the latest songs, shows, films and hear them sound amazing through your Linn.

Or use AirPlay to send sound from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch – Linn systems play nicely with AirPlay so you can instantly enjoy your mobile music played back on a real hi-fi.

Connect your living room

Connect it all together with a Linn system and get better sound from your HD TV, Blu-Ray player and Xbox, PlayStation and Wii.

Hear what you’ve been missing from your favourite TV shows, film soundtracks and multiplayer games.

Network music system

If you have broadband at home, you already have a network. Add a Linn system to your home network and get wireless control over your entire music collection.

Escape the computer and control all your music from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Computers are great for storing music but you need to hear a real music system to feel the difference.

Enjoy classic albums and internet radio from around the world through a music system that combines the convenience you love with brilliant sound quality.

Add a Linn system to another room and bring great music to the places you enjoy spending time. Create your own multiroom system and give each room its own playlist or sync them together for parties.

All Linn systems work seamlessly together so you can mix and match from our range , choose exactly what you want for each room and share your music library and controllers around the home.

Turn the quality up

A Linn system will open the door to a world of high resolution music , with more and more new releases and classic albums available to download in 24-bit quality.

Recent 24-bit Studio Master releases on have included some all-time greats – Bob Marley’s Legend , John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme , Steely Dan’s Gaucho and Solti’s recording of Mahler: Symphony No.8 , as well as some fantastic new releases from the Linn Records label too – Claire Martin’s Too Much In Love To Care , the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique and Richard Tunnicliffe’s J.S. Bach Cello Suites .

Listen to the original studio recording – the best version of an album that will ever exist – on a music system designed for Studio Master.

Try a system

Find out more about Linn’s range of network music players and discover how digital streaming works . Everything sounds better with Linn

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