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24 Nov 2014

Enjoy a Christmas gift, with love from Linn

As a special Christmas gift, Linn are giving away a different, free 24-bit Studio Master track every day in December, until Christmas Eve. Explore and expand your musical tastes with a host of award-winning recordings from a variety of genres and musicians, including well-known favourites. Each day they will also post an exciting new video letting you discover the story behind every song. But we know no-one...

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04 Dec 2012

Headphones for Christmas?

iGrado   It was Grado’s goal to design affordable street style headphones for Christmas. The iGrado is functional, stylish, lightweight and comfortable. The model incorporates the same drives used in the highly regarded SR60 headphones, giving you high end tech for under £40. With a dynamic transducer, open air operating principle and a weight of just 3oz.   Grado iGi   These compact in ear...

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03 Dec 2012

Linn Offers Free Music for Every Day of Christmas

24 MAGICAL STUDIO MASTER RECORDINGS – ONE FOR EVERY DAY OF CHRISTMAS Enjoy your free Christmas Music, with love from Linn Get in the festive spirit with a free Studio Master download every day until Christmas. With 24 days of magical recordings by a host of great musicians, you can relax from the bustle of Christmas and enjoy a musical gift from Linn. Unwind with Day...

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07 Nov 2012

Spread Some Winter Joy With the Sound of Music

Buying presents for children at Christmas can be an easy choice, since they often write their letters to Santa in advance. However, buying a present for a partner or family member can involve some thought.   Everyone Loves Music A portable media player is always a pleasant gift, as they are ideal to use at the gym or during a gentle stroll. Popular companies now...

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05 Nov 2012

5 Classic Christmas Songs

As shops start to pile on the festive cheer and stock-up on Christmas delights despite the fact there are still three full months between now and the big day, chances are you either love this fact or hate it. Whether you find yourself muttering your way around stores about it being too early to sell Christmas stuff and play Christmas songs or skipping merrily down...

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