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Awards For Linn 360 And Selekt DSM

Awards For Linn 360 And Selekt DSM,

Rococo Systems are thrilled to announce that two of Linns’  products have recently been honoured with not 1 but 2 prestigious awards from the esteemed German publication, Fidelity.

Linn Selekt DSM: Edition has been recognized with Fidelity’s Digital: Innovation award. This model, featuring dual-mono Organik, was lauded for its outstanding sound quality and remarkable upgradeability. Fidelity remarked, “In its basic form, it offers an affordable entry into the Linn universe, but it can also be upgraded through a number of expansion stages to create a sublime high-end system if desired.”

Awards For Linn 360 And Selekt DSM

Linn’s 360 ExaktIntegrated loudspeakershave also received high praise, earning the Absolute Fidelity: Superior award. The editors highlighted that these speakers are much more than just outstanding active speakers. They were captivated by our proprietary Exakt technology which ensures 360’s perfect phase-linearity. Additionally, they admired the innovative cabinet design that enhances the speakers’ spellbinding dispersion characteristics. The review concluded, “(360) ensures a first-class musical experience, with bass control, power, and finesse that you would never expect from a speaker of this size.”

Linn and Rococo Systems are profoundly grateful to Fidelity for these accolades. These honours affirm the dedication and hard work of Linn , who are committed to continuing our pursuit of audio excellence.

Awards For Linn 360 And Selekt DSM

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