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Songcast on Linn DS marks new era for Linn multiroom

The Songcast for Linn DS marks the beginning of a new era for Linn multiroom as the digital connected home of the future becomes a total reality.Part of the latest  soft ware release (Davaar)  for the Linn DS, Songcast gives you a new powerful function that brings Linn DS  multiroom to life.

The Perfection of synchronisation
This offers you perfect synchronisation when streaming music between any rooms, Songcast is ideal for parties and Family functions – You can then  listen to what’s playing on one Linn DS player in as many other  rooms with DS as you like.

Share any source, anywhere
As well as sharing Linn DS content (e.g. playlists, internet radio, iTunes library, etc.) Songcast lets you share any source that’s connected to a Linn DS player with inputs, in any other DS rooms.  So you can even stream vinyl, audio from the TV, or YouTube and Spotify from the laptop.

The Ease to expand at any time
With the Linn’s DS multiroom, rooms can be added in multiples or one by one, at any time in the future.  Operating within the same network, additional rooms can immediately tap into the same central library of stored music or access internet radio and online services.

The open architecture means that the same controllers are used to control the entire system even when the system is expanded.  Plus everyone can choose the one that suits them best, e.g. laptop, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.

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End of an era for Linn Knekt

Songcast marks the end of an era for the Knekt system which revolutionised multiroom in the 90s with the highest quality offering.

Songcast does everything Linn Knekt could do and much, much more, without the need for centralised proprietary infrastructure and keypads.

With exceptional levels of reliability, upgradeability and scalability, as well as format and controller independence, Linn DS multiroom is the future of high quality sound for music and movies.

All Linn Knekt components, including the Linn Knekt RCU, Linn Intersekt, Roomamp, Linn Receiver and Linn Dekoda will end production on 15th June 2011.

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