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Rococo Systems have partnered up with Linn to show you why Linn products are so special.

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What Our Clients Say

“Really happy with my new DS, and excellent service from Rococo who came and installed it for me, including software/hardware so that I may play great sounding music from all my devices (lap top, iPad, iPhone).”

– Kerry Bullen

“I’ve just got home and set up my turntable, put gaucho by Steely Dan on – it sounds fantastic !
I’m really pleased. Thank you very much for a great job.”

– Mike Cameron

“Fantastic service from Peter and Mary as always. Started my Linn journey with Rococo 7 years ago and have been coming back ever since, most recently for Exakt Akubariks. Great stuff, highly recommended”

– Nathan W

About Rococo Systems

Rococo Systems & Designs are the UK’s largest Linn Audio Supplier. We are here to provide a custom design consultation service to help you get the most out of your Linn entertainment system. With Linn space optimisation technology to maximise the acoustics in your home, you can hear the true sound of music no matter the design of your interior.

Aside from the market leading brand Linn, here at Rococo Systems & Designs we also offer a whole range of other high-end audio manufacturer brands including Fyne Audio, Anthem, Lutron and Future Automation. So whether you’re looking to spice your living area up with the finest speakers or if you’re seeking to design the perfect home cinema, we have the best resources and an experienced team to complete the job.

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