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Rococo Systems have partnered up with Linn to show you why Linn Audio products are so special.

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Linn Organik DAC Upgrade

Linn Audio Delivers. We have often been asked if and when the Organik DAC would be offered as an upgrade to existing owners of a Linn Klimax DS or DSM streamer and now the answer is here!
As from 7th April 2022 any existing Linn DS or DSM can benefit from the amazing Organik DAC as originally featured in the Next Generation Klimax DSM.

At Linn, nothing progresses beyond the prototype stage if it can’t answer this question with a resounding ‘Yes!’.

Designing and building their own DAC, completely from scratch, was no exception. It was only worth doing if the result would be significantly better than their previous designs utilising meticulously optimised 3rd-party chips.

Designed without compromise, and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the embodiment of over thirty years of digital technology innovation and expertise.

Linn pioneered high-performance digital streaming in the hi-fi industry; they’re raising the bar further, thanks to this paradigm shift in digital-to-analogue conversion technology.

How does it sound? That’s not for us to say. Though rest assured, Linn doesn’t do anything unless they can do it better than what’s available elsewhere.

With this novel DAC architecture, implementation, and realisation, Linn has finally completed the puzzle: they have achieved complete control over the entire music signal chain — an ambition fifty years in the making.

The cost of the upgrade is £6480.00 fully fitted and includes a 5-year warranty.

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What Our Clients Say

Alan W

Hi just managed to get my Aktiv Komris installed by Peter and Alan from Rococo Systems. They did an amazing job as I had a mix of solo and twin amps to drive the speakers. The sound is amazing and still getting to grips with all the improvements Aktiv Komris provide…but most of all the realism and musicality is way beyond what I have ever heard before.

Nathan W

"Fantastic service from Peter and Mary as always. Started my Linn journey with Rococo 7 years ago and have been coming back ever since, most recently for Exakt Akubariks. Great stuff, highly recommended"

Kerry Bullen

"Really happy with my new DS, and excellent service from Rococo who came and installed it for me, including software/hardware so that I may play great-sounding music from all my devices (laptop, iPad, iPhone)."

Mike Cameron

"I've just got home and set up my turntable, put gaucho by Steely Dan on - it sounds fantastic! I'm really pleased. Thank you very much for a great job."

Anthony Bird

Sorry this is a bit late in the day, but I would just like to add my thanks to Anthony, who serviced my aging LP12 and gave great support with the addition of the Lingo 2. Anthony did a first class job with the LP12 service, the Lingo 2 and the replacement motor. The whole package now sounds superb. He also provided additional support for my arm set up and was keen to ensure I was 100% happy with my new set up. A total star and nothing was ever too much trouble. Can you please send on my thanks for his exemplary work.

Lloyd C

Fantastic service from Mary and Peter over many years - helping to me to choose and upgrade an amazing Linn system!

Glenferness Lifting Designation

Thank you to Mary & Alan @ Rococo Systems for my recent Linn DSM & LP-12 audio package. From the outset they have been fantastic to deal with, pricing, email correspondence, packaging, delivery and pre-supply equipment set up all 100 % perfect. Highly recommended and I personally will not hesitate in going back.....little bit of wait on the LP-12 however this was down to Linn production issues on supply of Krane tone arms at factory level.....5 star for sure.

Sami Sadek

A first class and personalised and trusted service. Mary and Peter are very approachable and always happy to provide advice and support. Excellent communication expert knowledge. very competitive prices!!! Also, if ever your system need repairing don't hesitate to go to them to sort it out Very highly recommended

Taylor Tassie

I decided to purchase a Linn Majik DSM during lockdown Rococo where very professional and with the use of team viewer we were able to set up the Linn Majik DSM together. I am now considering purchasing a new Pair of Linn Majik 140 speakers from Rococo. Thank you for an outstanding service!

Jane Hills

Received a great professional service from Rococo for my new home entertainment system. I highly recommend Rococo - exceptional care and attention - thank you.

Duncan Young

Excellent service from my initial purchase of an LP12 18 months ago backed up with professional Aftersales. Highly recommended,

Freddie Rodford

Everyone used to enjoy the LInn Lounge evenings at Rococo HQ in Essex, streamed through an every changing crystal clear audio system matched with a warm welcome from the team. Thank you Peter and Mary.

Bill Allerton

Spectacular service and guidance from these true professionals. Highly recommended.

Callan Webb

Fantastic company to work with, fast replies and reliable.

John McEwan

Serviced my Lp12 great job

About Rococo Systems

Rococo Systems & Designs are the UK’s largest Linn Audio Supplier. We are here to provide a custom design consultation service to help you get the most out of your Linn entertainment system. 

With Linn space optimisation technology to maximise the acoustics in your home, you can hear the true sound of music no matter the design of your interior.

Aside from the market leading brand Linn, here at Rococo Systems & Designs we also offer a whole range of other high-end audio manufacturer brands including Fyne AudioAnthemLutron and Future Automation. 

So whether you’re looking to spice your living area up with the finest speakers or if you’re seeking to design the perfect home cinema, we have the best resources and an experienced team to complete the job.