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Integrating Linn DS in a Knekt system


The Linn DS products can only act as sources (like a CD player, Radio etc) within the Knekt system.

The Linn DS or Linn DSI products CANNOT replace any Linn Knekt preamplifier products within a system as they do not have any Linn Knekt control sockets (Remote IN/OUT) and can only be controlled by IR. (Early versions on the Linn Sekrit-DSI had Remote IN/OUT connectors, but never incorporated in to the internal software for use)

The Internal volume control of the Linn DS products must be disabled. Otherwise you will have two volume controls in the system. One within the Linn DS player and one in each room controlled by the Linn Knekt-RCU.

This means that you could have the Room volume quite high and the Linn DS volume quite low. If you switch to another source, like the TV, this is now playing at a high volume control!

Using the Linn DSI products can confuse things even further as you may not be listening to a media streaming source and/or you cannot disable the internal volume control:

  • Linn Room Control Unit (RCU)
  • Linn BASIK-3(-IR) RCU

The Linn Sneaky-DS and Linn Sekrit-DSI are the only products with Linn RCU- Accessory sockets. These ACC sockets are designed for use with ONLY the Linn Basik3 and Linn Basik3-IR RCU use.

The Linn Basik3 RCU allows Standby and volume up/down control.
The Linn Basik3-IR RCU has the additional IR control option of the Linn Sekrit-DSI and Linn Sneaky-DS.


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