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Spread Some Winter Joy With the Sound of Music

Buying presents for children at Christmas can be an easy choice, since they often write their letters to Santa in advance. However, buying a present for a partner or family member can involve some thought.


Everyone Loves Music

A portable media player is always a pleasant gift, as they are ideal to use at the gym or during a gentle stroll. Popular companies now market portable media and digital audio players, but many mobile (or smart) phones allow you to store song, movies and books; depending on the memory storage that they offer. Memory cards for mobile phones come in a variety of sizes which makes them a great gift for music and movie lovers.

Technology today has come far from the personal stereo and portable CD player, which was impossible to run with for fear it would jump and ruin the CD playback. The MP3 player in mobile phones has caused more success than the sale of individual MP3 players put together. In 2007, over one billion music phones had sold. Since mobile phones can also make phone calls, text and browse the World Wide Web, individual MP3 players have taken a back seat in the field of technology.

The Growth of MP3 Players

The first MP3 players available were the same size as a deck of cards, but nowadays they look the size of a matchbox. The smaller or slimmer they are, the more general the popularity and need.

MP3 players are delicate and require careful maintenance. Many of them will come with a connecting wire so that you can upload music from your computer onto the device. iTunes is a popular music platform where you can buy and download music to your individual MP3 player or music phone. In addition, you can upload your favourite CDs onto your music platform and then transfer them onto your music player. Music mobiles and MP3 players even provide the option of choosing a personal playlist that you know will motivate you when you feel you need an extra shot of mental stimulation.


The popularity of personal MP3 players is down to the fact that you can complete many tasks, without the music skipping. A flash drive is incorporated into the device for a pleasant experience. Runners can apply a portable MP3 device to an armband for comfort without the risk of it slipping out of a pocket: plus music is a fantastic motivator.

The Popularity of Music Phones

MP3 players first began functioning in mobile phones in 2001. By 2005, all of the major mobile phone manufacturers had released music phones. One reason why Apple invented the iPhone so quickly is because of the rapid success of media players in mobile phones. While this phone is popular worldwide, there are other phones offering exactly the same gadgets.  However, mobile phones that do offer so many applications such as the media player option may also have a short battery life and require a daily charge.

Mobile phones now allow you to check your bank account while travelling to work on the train, listen to music or the radio aloud or with headphones, play games, text, make calls, browse the Internet, take pictures and watch movies and TV. With so much variety, is it any wonder why the sales of individual MP3 players are fallen?

Many of these smart phones offering all of the above are available freely on a set contact. If you sign up for a mobile phone contract as a gift for a loved one, it may be useful to opt for insurance, especially if the phone is worth several hundred pound. This protects against accidental damage and theft.

As the music mobile has completely stolen the multimedia market from the individual market, it has become a clear winner when choosing your stocking fillers this year.

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