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Rococo Systems Linn Kiko review

It’s arrived!

We knew our Linn Kiko was coming today and for some reason that made the coffee this morning here at Rococo Systems taste much better.  The anticipation and debate on what time the courier would arrive started about 07:30 and didn’t stop till the doorbell rang at just minutes before 11am.

I’ve never known the staff here so eager to answer the door, so well done Kiko for staff motivation before we even get our hands on you.

The Kiko comes in Linn’s new white packaging, very slick and extremely strong, as you would expect such an item to arrive.  Tape cut and flaps opened the smell of new hi-fi filled the air and there was a combined “aaahhh” heard all round.

Once out the box we knew we had a winner on our hands Linn really have stepped out the zone with the Kiko.  It’s sleek, shiny and right away you start to picture all the places it could be placed round the home or office.

The next surprise was the weight of the speakers, “wow” no messing here with these small but well built active speakers.  Again, they compliment the design of the Kiko perfectly.  By this point the excitement was really buzzing lots of “ooo’s, aaa’s” and head nodding going on.

Just when we thought that was it for surprises we got a hold of the new K40 speaker cables, approx 2m long and silver.  The weight of these cables dictates the quality and becomes another exciting part of the Linn Kiko set up.

We eventually stopped drooling long enough to set the Kiko up, which will easily fit on a shelf and has been designed as a true lifestyle piece at home in any room and 99% of room locations.  Our Kiko is white, which gave it an even more contemporary and desirable look.

Ethernet cable plugged in and power on, our first choice was Barb Jungr, Walking in Menphis…………………………………WE CAN’T BELIEVE HOW GOOD THE LINN KIKO SOUNDS!  Crisp, rich depth even at low level, turn it up though and in return your ears will be rewarded with a punchy wholesome experience that you can’t help by smile with.

The Kiko may be little but it misses nothing, it’s a real contender in the marketplace.  As Linn people to the core, we knew it would be good, but we honestly didn’t expect it to be this good, it’s excellent!  Take every component above described, put it all together, which is a simple plug and play job even for the most inexperienced person and you really have something terrific.

The Kiko knocks spots off similar priced, lifestyle competition on the market right now.  For too long customers have been asking for such a product from Linn and now it’s arrived, they won’t be disappointed.

The price point of £2500 now seems really keen and super value in comparison to other less impressive “lifestyle” systems.  If you’re in the market for a lifestyle system for you home, office, holiday home, boat or cabin, then giving the Linn Kiko houseroom is probably the best Audio decision you can make this year!

Read more on the Linn Kiko at our online shop order yours today and start to enjoy your music, as it should be wherever you want.


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