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Personalise your Linn turntable

Personalise your Linn turntable with the latest accessories

Linn Turntable Accessories

The Vinyl market has increased 260% since 2009, so why not make the most from the resurgence with high sound quality and advanced technology? Linn is famed for its ability to upgrade and change with technological advances, keeping you one step ahead of the game at all times.

Rococo Systems and Design have been supplying Linn products for over 30 years, and we can help you choose the best accessories to help you to get the most from your turn table.

Building your perfect Linn HiFi system

At Rococo, we have a range of turntables available for purchase including the Linn Klimax LP12. View our full range online.

Linn products are designed using innovative technology, allowing you to build your dream HiFi system in the confidence that all components will work together seamlessly.

A Linn network music player allows you to combine all of your Linn HiFi products into one system, connecting your turntable, your speakers and wireless devices such as phones or tablets. You can play the music from your turntable in any room of the house, making the warm crackling sound of vinyl even better. Take a look at the Linn Exakt range to find out more.

The next component to complete your system is a pair of high definition speakers. Linn speakers are famed for their pure high-frequency reproduction and flexible positioning, ensuring that you can listen to your music at the best possible quality. Browse the Linn Majik Speakers online to discover the perfect match.

If you would like to try the products before you buy them, why not book a demonstration at one of the Rococo Systems offices in London or Essex? Book your demo now.

Contact Rococo Systems to find out more regarding Linn Turntable Accessories, or any other item from Rococo Systems and Design contact our team of experts today. You can call our offices directly on 020 7454 1234 (London) or  01277 890 888 (Essex) or you can leave us a message online.

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