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Linn Sekrit DSM – Designed to be Heard not Seen

Back in February 2016, we showcased four of the five music players in the Linn DSM range. After looking in close detail at the outstanding streaming capacity of the Klimax DSM, the sleek and stunning Akurate DSM system, the budget-friendly yet powerful Sneaky DSM, and the premium music and movie experience provided by the Magik DSM, it’s now time to take a look at Linn’s final offering in the range – the Sekrit DSM.

The Sekrit DSM – slim and powerful with superior sound quality

Everything you’ve come to expect from Linn DSM products is incorporated in the Linn Sekrit DSM. It includes a DSM player, a 50-watt cool-running Class D stereo power amp, and an integrated pre-amp, all of which are housed within a compact, simple package. Because it hides its powerful features so well, it easily blends in with its surroundings rather than steals the limelight. In a nutshell, Sekrit gives you everything you need to make all of your home entertainment sources sound better than ever before.

The system has six digital and analogue inputs, including three HDMI connections and speaker connections for two zones, and enables you to play movies, music, radio, TV, games, and online sources such as Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix. Plus, it also supports AirPlay.

You can even install your system alongside any Linn DS player on your home network, and by taking advantage of Linn’s Songcast software, you can choose to play the same music, radio, TV channel, DVD or Blu-Ray in both rooms or something different everywhere.

Linn DS Multi-Room

Linn DS Multi-Room allows you to adapt your music system as your needs (or home) change. This means you can upgrade your system’s performance and add extra rooms as necessary without having to start from scratch. The Sekrit DSM works particularly well with Sekrit IW10 In-Wall Loudspeakers, which deliver exceptional audio performance, and are perfect for rooms where you want the sole focus to be the sound around you. Sekrit IW10 In-Wall Loudspeakers can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and are designed to be installed flush to the wall. The grilles can also be painted to match or complement the décor of any room.

Space Optimisation

Linn’s Space Optimisation technology comes as standard with the Sekrit DSM, which means that the individual characteristics of the room and the objects within it won’t adversely affect the sound quality. Space Optimisation allows the DSM system to create a virtual picture of the room’s layout and consequently reduce any frequencies that can cause artificial distortion. The result? A super-smooth and pitch-perfect audio performance.

Request a demonstration in London or Essex

Rococo Systems has two UK stores – one in Ongar, Essex and the other in Danbury Street in North London. If you live in either London or Essex or are planning to visit the area and would like a personal demonstration of the Sekrit DSM by one of our in-house Linn experts in our purpose-built Linn Lounges, request a demo online today or give us a call on 020 7454 1234 (London) or 01277 890 888 (Essex).