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Linn Klimax DSM

Linn Klimax DSM – Outstanding Streaming with a Pre-Amp

Today, we’ve got a trivia question for you. What have the Majik, Akurate, Klimax, Sneaky, and Sekrit all got in common? Answer – they’re all products from the Linn DSM range which, if you’ve been following our blog closely, you’ll know we’ve been featuring throughout February 2016. Today, we’re highlighting the advantages of owning a Linn Klimax DSM player, which integrates the outstanding streaming performance of the Klimax DS with a digital and analogue pre-amp.

Enjoy a magical streaming experience with the Linn Klimax DSM

While Linn’s Klimax DS offers a world-class streaming performance over a home network as the top player in the DS range, the Linn Klimax DSM goes one better by boasting a digital and analogue pre-amp. This allows you to connect it to any power amp or Aktiv speaker, as well as hook it up to any video or audio player.

With this sensational system in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy streaming the highest-quality 24-bit 192 kHz Studio Master music files, and experience superior sounds while you play games, watch TV or movies, and listen to internet radio. Any digital source you choose to connect to your Linn Klimax DSM will benefit from Linn’s best upsampling and DAC technology.

It’s also the kind of system you’ll be proud to display in your home as it looks just as good as the sounds it helps to create. You can order it in either anodised silver or black, and Rococo Systems can help you match it with complementary loudspeakers.

All you need to get started is a standard Ethernet network and speakers. However, if you want to make the ultimate digital music system, you may wish to take advantage of the Klimax’s Exakt Link connections, which allow you to optimise your speakers by eliminating the distortion that can be caused by a traditional crossover design.

Space Optimisation

Linn’s design team knows that every home is different. So, whether you live in a three-storey townhouse with high ceilings and large windows or a listed building full of character and thick walls, you can still get the very best out of your DSM thanks to Space Optimisation technology. This is a type of technology that’s only offered by Linn, and it builds an acoustic model of your room, based on your speakers, their positioning, and the unique characteristics of your listening environment. This enables the DSM to understand how your speakers interact with your room and optimise the sound as a result.


Rococo Systems stocks 350A and 350P speakers, which are designed to perfectly complement the Linn Klimax DSM. Both of these loudspeakers are uncompromising in every aspect and provide the perfect playback solution for the highest quality source components.

Book your free demonstration in London or Essex

We can’t think of a better way to show you how superb the Linn Klimax DSM is than by offering you a free demonstration of the system at our London or Essex store. To find out more, please visit our Book a Demo page.