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Linn DS – When Quality is All that Matters

If you want to simplify your sound entertainment and experience your favourite music as the producers and artists intended it to sound, you need a Linn DS player in your home.

Whether you’re seeking an upgrade to your existing sound system or want to build your own system from the ground up, we can help you find the perfect product. We have 30 years’ experience as a Linn dealer and are one of the largest and most knowledgeable Linn audio specialists in the UK and Europe. As well as knowing the brand inside and out, we can also provide you with a personal demonstration of all four DS players in either our London or Essex store. So, you can be confident that we’ll help you decide on the right model should you wish to make a purchase.

DS stands for Digital Stream, and these highly desirable players are ideal for people who refuse to compromise on sound quality. Whether you’re into movie soundtracks, classical symphonies or the latest chart-toppers, you’ll quickly discover that the Linn DS family loves them too. Simply connect your system of choice to your home network, then enjoy all your favourite downloads, CDs, and vinyl records in stunning studio-quality.

Which Linn DS Player is Right for Me?

There are currently four players in the DS family which, in ascending order of cost are: Sneaky; Majik; Akurate, and Klimax. Please note that the prices quoted are for the system only and do not include the cost of speakers. We also stock an extensive range of complimentary speakers for the Majik, Akurate, and Klimax models. The Sneaky system, however, is compatible with any speaker that uses standard speaker connection terminals.


The only thing that’s underhand about Sneaky is its capacity to blow away more expensive players with its highly competitive price tag. It offers exceptional sound quality, is wonderfully flexible (you can set it up horizontally or vertically) and can even be used as a compact Hi-Fi system.


Linn’s Majik player will have you spellbound with its bevy of state-of-the-art features. You can control it via software on your PC or handheld device, turn up the volume with the powerful 90-watt-per-channel amplifier, and enjoy a variety of music formats in studio sound quality including MP3’s and WAV files.


Akurate is an easy-to-use streamer that’s also a pro when it comes to Internet radio. It supports all popular digital music types and boasts an ultra-low jitter master clock for a faultless, distortion-free performance.


Klimax sits at the very top of the DS range and when you experience its capabilities, the results really will be music to your ears. It’s the first Hi-Fi system to stream digital music over a standard home network. So, if you want to be part of the future of music, this product’s the one for you.

Visit Rococo Systems in London or Essex to buy your Linn DS Today!

You can take a closer look at the Linn DS range on our website or, better still, come on down to see it in person at our Essex or London store. We also accept trade-ins against new systems, although only high-end Hi-Fi equipment will be considered, so please call us first to discuss.

Rococo Systems won’t be beaten on price or service. Plus, our personal attention and 30 years’ experience make us the number one choice for Linn purchasers. Break free of clutter and simplify your digital sounds with Linn DS players today!