Linn Akurate Speakers

Linn Akurate Speakers. As an Authorised Linn retailer and Hi-Fi specialist you can trust us to help you choose the right speakers for your Linn System whether you’re upgrading or starting a system from scratch we have loudspeakers to suit your needs.

Each sleek set of speakers is carefully crafted from real wood veneer with a high gloss finish, in a wide range of colours. The Linn experts at Rococo Systems offer support when it comes to choosing the best speakers for your Linn HiFi System. We can advise you on the products that complement each other best, and ensure that you are using your Linn products to their full potential.

Linn Akurate Speakers & Stands

Linn Akubarik Speaker

Linn Akubarik is a fully integrated 5-way Aktiv loudspeaker. It features an on-board amplifier module mounted on the back of the loudspeaker.

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Linn Akudorik Passive Speaker

A high performance bookshelf speaker in its own right, Akudorik Passive is also the ultimate upgradeable speaker, ready to go Exakt.

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Linn Akubarik Passive Speakers

Linn Akubarik Passive shares key acoustic technologies with the Aktiv version. Available in a choice of real wood veneers & high gloss finishes.

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Linn 242 Speaker Upgrade Stands

You can now purchase the new Linn Akurate 242 stands as an upgrade to improve the performance of your speakers.

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Linn Akudorik Passive Stands

This stand provides a strong foundation for the book shelf speaker, supplied in a pair these are high quality rigid stands.

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More information on Linn Akurate Speakers

If you want to find out more about our fantastic range of Linn Akurate speakers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Rococo Systems and Design. Our team of specialists are more than happy to discuss our products in further detail. You can contact us online and a member of the team will respond shortly.