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Headphones for Christmas?



It was Grado’s goal to design affordable street style headphones for Christmas. The iGrado is functional, stylish, lightweight and comfortable. The model incorporates the same drives used in the highly regarded SR60 headphones, giving you high end tech for under £40. With a dynamic transducer, open air operating principle and a weight of just 3oz.


Grado iGi


These compact in ear headphones nestle within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort. The headphones feature a dynamic driver and the raised dot on left earphones provides tactile indication of channel allowing earphones to be put on correctly even in the dark. Best mid range Grado headphones at just £84.50.

Grado PS1000 Headphones for Christmas


The Grado PS1000 are Grado’s top of the range headphones. Their design uses specially selected pieces of handcrafted mahogany; made by using an intricate curing process. The outside coating is made from metal and has been machined from a special non gloss, hard metal alloy that utilises a special processing and casting method to increase the porosity of the alloy, so then this combination of wood and metal is designed to stop any ringing’ which can obscure fine detail the audio. £1520.00



What HI-FI? magazine (October 2012) conducts a ‘Supertest’ and lists their top 50 pairs of headphones; with models priced from £20 to £2000 per pair.

Grado – Everyone’s a winner!

Included in their ‘Top 50’ are no fewer than six pairs of Grado headphones. The result? Every single Grado model receives a resounding Five Star review!

No wonder Grado headphones will be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list again this year.


Grado iGrado – Five Stars “Detail levels, cohesion, authority and refinement are simply outstanding for the money.”


Grado SR80i– Five Stars “a crisp sound that’s awesomely detailed and natural. Musically faultless at this price.”Grado iGi – Five Stars “audio with the kind of detail, dynamics and neutrality that the vast majority of rivals can’t muster.”Grado GR10 – Five Stars “Stunningly insightful and expressive; detailed without sounding overly analytical. The GR10s are earphones par excellence.”

Grado SR325is – Five Stars “Perhaps the best on a ‘performance-per-pound’ basis. Offering the kind of open, detailed, dynamic and rich sound that many rivals twice the price can’t match, they’re truly stunning.”

Grado PS1000 – Five Stars “Supreme build quality; astonishing resolution and clarity; gorgeously musical. Expensive, yes, but the sound is genuinely good enough to justify every penny.”

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