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Enjoy Crystal-Clear Sound Quality with Linn Krystal Cartridges

Top-quality audio products take time to produce, as do the best pieces of music. So, it’s only natural that it took the world’s leading hi-fi and audio manufacturer, Linn, two years to develop its groundbreaking Krystal moving coil cartridge.

Hear every musical detail with Linn Krystal Cartridges

For more than thirty years, the Linn Sondek LP12 has been the turntable of choice of vinyl Audiophile fans. Here at Rococo Systems, we’ve been selling Linn’s hi-fi systems for almost as long, and the LP12 is still one of the most popular turntables among our customers in London and Essex.

Thanks to our vast experience and knowledge of Linn products, we are able to upgrade, service or repair any LP12 turntable regardless of its age. And, as most turntable owners know very well, one of the simplest ways to give your system a new lease of life is to replace or upgrade its cartridge.

When it comes to the quality of audio playback, your choice of cartridge is just as vital as the turntable, amp, and loudspeakers that you play your music through. Traditionally, cartridges fall into two different categories – Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM). Moving Coil is a more recent invention, but not all MC cartridges deliver superior sound quality. This is because cheap or inferior cartridges simply can’t compete with the power and design of the Linn Krystal cartridge.

Rococo Systems sell a number of Linn’s MM and MC turntable cartridges, including Adikt, Kandid, and Klyde, and the Krystal has just been added to our range.

Kandid versus Krystal

Kandid is known as being one of the best-sounding turntable cartridges Linn’s ever made. So, it’s no surprise that Linn has taken the core design principles of the Kandid moving coil cartridge to create the Krystal MC. This means that just like the Kandid, Krystal captures every tiny change in the record groove, allowing you to hear every musical detail.

Krystal’s nude design results in less inertia, allowing it to react more quickly to the changes in the record groove. It also boasts a triple-point mounting system that allows for a firm connection to the tonearm headshell, an aircraft-grade 7075 aluminium chassis to provide the generator with a stable yet lightweight platform, and is constructed using special adhesive that minimises any dampening effects.

You can experience Krystal’s pure, clean, and perfect sound by purchasing it as part of an Akurate LP12 turntable or specifying it on your order when you buy a Majik or Sondek LP12 turntable. And, should you need any further convincing of how Krystal can transport your turntable to hi-fi heaven, we’d be more than happy to treat you to a free-of-charge demonstration in one of our purpose-built Linn lounges in our London or Essex store. Simply visit our Book a Demo page to make an appointment or give our experts a call on 020 7454 1234 (London) or 01277 890 888 (Essex) today.

We also stock a vast range of Linn’s turntable accessories, including cartridges, sub chassis and base boards, tonearms, power supplies, drive belts, hinges, felt mats, and 45 RPM adapters, which you can buy online or in-store.