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Linn Majik 2020 DSM

Introducing the next generation of Linn Majik DSM.

New Linn Majik 2020 DSM

A dedicated high performance one box solution – just add speakers


The powerful combination of a network music player, pre-amp and power amp, all in a single box, for an easy first step into authentic audiophile performance.

Rococo Systems bestselling streamer the Linn  Majik DSM, has just received a complete makeover for 2020. With an incredible new level of performance, with  fantastic new features and a fresh new look, this highly versatile and accessible one-box network music player will have even greater appeal to both first-time Hi-Fi buyers seeking simplicity and authenticity as well as existing customers seeking high-end Hi-Fi in more rooms.

Linn Majik DSM has all the connectivity to handle anything you throw at it, wired or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, your own stored music collection… Whether you’re streaming music or using one of the many inputs to plug in your 4K TV, Sky box, Apple TV, Games Console… even a turntable, with Majik DSM at the heart of all your home entertainment you’ll get the best possible sound from everything you listen to, in one room or many. Majik DSM is an ideal solution for additional rooms, such as the den, family room or bedroom, particularly where there may be other home entertainment sources in use. Linn  Majik DSM serves as an ideal hub for all these sources and is a neat way of expanding Linn sound throughout the home. 

Customisable smart buttons let you get hands-on with your hi-fi again. They offer immediate access, directly from the product, to anything you want to hear – no matter the source. Streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, your turntable or Blu-Ray player… the choice is yours. Linn control apps provide full control from any device, at your fingertips.

Like all Linn’s network music players, Linn Majik DSM has Space Optimisation built in. This means your system performance can be personalised for you and your room’s unique characteristics, no matter what speakers you have or where they’re placed.

Complete your system with the perfectly matched compact and versatile Majik 109 bookshelf speakers or full-range Majik 140 floor standing speakers. Vinyl lovers also have the option to pair this player with a Majik LP12 turntable, for a simple introduction into both high performance streaming and vinyl. Plus you can match your turntable and speakers to any colour for a personalised system look that’s uniquely yours.

For Further Information and Pricing Contact Rococo:

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Linn Majik DSM – Key Features

  Streams virtually any digital source over a standard network

—  Supports formats up to 24-bit 192 kHz

—  Space Optimisation built-in (requires configuration by Linn Specialist)

—  Wireless streaming options – Wi-Fi for higher quality or Bluetooth for a quick and easy way to get started playing music

—  Six customisable smart buttons for immediate access to pinned content from any source plus a larger multi-way menu function button provides comprehensive control and feedback directly from the product

—  Integrates seamlessly with Tidal & Qobuz lossless streaming services and compatible with Spotify Connect, Roon & Airplay

—  Plays Internet radio via TuneIn

—  8 digital & analogue inputs including HDMI and USB Audio Class 2

  HDMI 2.0 connections (4K compatible)

—  Front panel headphone output

—  Built-in MM phono stage for connecting a turntable

—  Connect multiple Linn DSM players for a high performance multi-room system

  2 channels of 100W/channel Class-D power amplification