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Linn Majik DSM


The powerful one box solution – just add speakers.  Majik DSM offers a powerful combination of a network music player, preamp and power amp all in a single box. It’s the perfect first step into audiophile performance.

Majik DSM All in One streamer, with amps, Just add speakers The intelligent combination of a network music player, pre-amp and power amp all packed into a single box. The perfect solution for entering into authentic audiophile performance. A Linn Classic Modernised Both Inside & Out The iconic Majik DSM has been considered as a firm favourite since it was first launched in 2012. In fact, it has secured its place as Linns best selling network music player of the last decade! Now, this loved product has had a complete makeover for 2020. Every element has been updated applying the latest technologies from over ten years of Linn development. With a crisp new look combined with greater performance and fresh features, this versatile and accessible network music player is guaranteed to have a higher appeal to both first time hi-fi buyers seeking clarity and realism as well as exciting owners looking for quality hi-fi in more rooms. The Performance The new Majik DSM outperforms its previous generation and competitors due to the improvements on the DAC implementation, volume control and power amplification backed by an improved, higher power processing platform. The DAC The new and improved DAC implementation makes a huge difference to the audio performance of the product, benefiting from over a decade of research, experience and technology. The DAC architecture is derived from the industry leading Katalyst technology and includes revised upsampling, a lower noise reference voltage and an ultra low jitter clock for improved timing accuracy throughout. The Power Amplifiers Bespoke, in house designed, Class D power amplifiers offer greater performance thanks to their lower noise and distortion, following this there is a more efficient signal conversion resulting in even better musical detail in comparison to the Chakra amp. Volume Control The Majik DSM now features a unique feature of volume control. This removes a lossy component from the signal path allowing less distortion and lower noise. Connecting To Other Sources Majik DSM is a perfect hub for the living room and a subtle way of exposing sound throughout your home. Containing all the analogue, digital and wireless connectivity you need to bring together all of your favourite listening sources from Mobile to Macbook everything you enjoy can sound 100x better. The Types of Input Sources: HDMI There are four 2.0 4K compatible inputs within the Majik DSM. This makes it the perfect hub for all AV sources, including a TV, Satellite Box, Games Console, Blu-ray player or Apple TV, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality audio discs or movie soundtracks. The Majik will play sources as they should be heard. Individual HDMI inputs also provide a streamline answer for a clear home install with only one subtle cable running between the Majik DSM and TV. Analogue Input Adaptable analogue input, configurable to either moving magnet (turntables) or line level (other analogue sources). The phono stage uses hybrid architecture borrowed from the reference II phono stage, combining digital and analogue processing to precisely implement the RIIA curve to achieve a more accurate vinyl reproduction. Type-B USB This port allows high resolution audio to be played directly from a PC. This means the Majik DSM can be used as an audiophile stand alone DAC. Headphone Jack For those who prefer to listen to their own audio, there is a 1/4 inch headphone jack on the front panel for simple access. The new headphone amplifier has been specifically designed to power high quality headphones. WiFi and Bluetooth To add further connivence, the Majik DSM now comes with wireless functionality via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The built in Wi-Fi portal enables the greatest quality wireless streaming with the neatness of no wires, while bluetooth provides a simple way to start playing wireless music with minimum set up. Easy To Use: Smart Buttons For additional benefit there are six customisable smart buttons, each offering immediate access directly from the product to any source. Simply program each button to your favourite album, streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, blu-ray player or turntable. Whatever you decide to select, it immediately shows on the larger, higher res display. Larger Menu The bigger menu function button, to the right of the smart buttons, provides inclusive control and feedback directly from the product, providing access to switch to any of the connected sources, start and stop a stream and control the volume. Also, you can select configuration settings, including software updates and pairing to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth set up. Linn Control Apps Even have control at your fingertips via devices already owned through the Linn control apps; Linn App for iOS, Kazoo for Android or the included remote control. Space Optimisation Like all of Linns products the new Majik DSM also benefits from Linns unique Space Optimisation technology, bespoke accommodating performance to an individual room and speaker. This ensures the greatest possible sound from the system, no matter the listening space. Space Optimisation is an exclusive selling point from Linn themselves, this service is favoured mostly by new customers. It creates a new opportunity for you to explore the sounds of music from different points in your home. First Steps Into The Audio World The Majik DSM is a graduate first step into audio performance streaming from a single box. It’s a highly appealing solution to all of your home entertainment needs and an effortless way to listen to greater quality audio than you have experienced before. You can complete your system with Majik LP12s and Majik speakers for high performance streaming and vinyl playback. It is the perfect listening solution for those who are new to Hi-Fi and new to Linn. Music Around the Home For existing Linn system owners the Majik DSM is an ideal second room system, especially for living rooms or bedrooms where there are other entertainment resources being used alongside. It pairs great with current speakers and offers a range of inputs for all of their needs. The additional output for the headphone has also allowed the Majik DSM to perform for a wider range of customers who prefer personal listening. This one box solution really is capable of many ways of producing audio. Personalised Experience Whether it’s the colour of your favourite top or a shade from your most loved album cover, Linn can match any colour for the perfect personalised finish. Personalisation is a great way to feel even closer to the music you love, the Majik DSM performs this by creating an opportunity to resonate with your home. With this it removes the worry of Hi-Fi fitting into a certain preconception and allows you to have a full Hi-Fi system that’s unique to your style. The Key Features: —  4HDMI inputs: suited for all entertainment sources —  Built in MM hybrid analogue/digital phono stage architecture —  Built in WiFi: no wires, high quality streaming —  Bluetooth: simple way to play wireless music —  Type B USB port: use as an audiophile standalone —  New headphone amp —  Six customisable smart buttons —  Space optimisation tech tailors sound for the room Speak to one of our Linn specialists today to schedule your one to one Majik DSM Demonstration.  Linn Majik DSM Find us on Facebook at Rococo Systems and Design Contact us Here

Additional information


Network music player and integrated pre/
power amp

Main features

HDMI switching, Built-in phono stage,
Wireless streaming, digital volume control,
built-in amps, Space Optimisation

Audio formats

FLAC, ALAC, WAV, MP3, WMA (except
lossless), AIFF, AAC, OGG


Resolution Up to 24-bit 192 kHz

Integrated services

Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, Airplay,
Roon, TuneIn, Calm Radio


X1 (100BASE-T RJ45)


Yes (802.11ac)


Yes (4.2)


x 1 (via HDMI output)


(Type B) x 1


x 1


SPDIF x 1 – configurable in/out

RCA Phono

x 1 pair

1/4” Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack x 1 (on front of product)

Binding-post / Banana / Spade

Banana / Spade x 2 pairs


HDMI Spec HDMI 2.0 (4K compatible)

Built-in Phono Stage

MM – hybrid analog / digital

On-board Amps

2 x 100W Class-D






350mm (W) x 100mm (H) x 350mm (D)


4.1 kg