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Do Light Dimmers Save Energy?

They certainly do!

There is a common misconception that dimmer switches merely convert restricted electricity into heat, for no real saving. This was true of the very old fashioned, early models, but today’s dimmer switches, like Lutron’s system, dial down the energy used as well as the light, helping you create a romantic or soothing atmosphere in a trice. When a light is dimmed by 25%, the dimmer switch saves about 20% of the electricity required. When dimmed by 50%, it saves 40% of the electricity. If you use a non-fluorescent bulb, a dimmer will also extend the life of the light bulb. Yet while fluorescent bulbs can be a problem (some even stubbornly refusing to dim), Lutron have already developed CL Dimmers for use with these formerly difficult light sources.

This means manual dimmers can save you money, but you can also install programmable lighting systems that raise, lower or switch off lights at certain times, or when a room is occupied (very useful for us absent minded types). These light management systems can improve your productivity, reduce electricity consumption and help save the environment – without undue sacrifice or discomfort.

lutron light dimmers

The New York Times Building is a Lutron success story. The building times and tunes available light, dims itself when daylight is abundant, uses automated window shades when light is too bright and constantly adjusts itself. As a result, the New York Times are saving about $600,000 a year in energy costs, a saving that paid for itself in a year.

Lutron GRAFIK Eye pre-set dimming controls increase the functionality, flexibility and beauty of any space, from the simplest residential applications to the most complex commercial applications. One standard product family handles virtually any job. GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series controls operate via integral dimmers for residential and smaller commercial applications. Rococo Systems & Design are authorised Lutron Dealers and for your peace of mind all our Lutron engineers are fully trained and certified by Lutron. If you are unsure on which grafik eye is right for you please contact us.

Easy To Use
With simple controls and easy programming, setting presets and transitioning between them can be mastered in a matter of minutes.

Multiple Control Options
The GRAFIK Eye 3000 can be controlled directly from the main unit or through additional wallstations, infrared remote controls, or a PC interface.

Easy To Design & Install
For new installations, there is no need for custom design or wiring. In a retrofit application, use existing wiring, including 3-way switches. GRAFIK Eye 3000 utilizes standard backboxes. In addition, the system can be connected to Sivoia QED shades for control fo daylight.

Click here to view the Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 Series on our site now.

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