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Alphason Tensai Furniture

Check out the Alphason Tensai range of furniture. Tensai, meaning ‘genius’ in Japanese is part of Alphason’s premier ‘Design First’ TV furniture range. It’s easy to see what’s genius about the Alphason Tensai TSI1085 TV stand; designed to enhance the viewing angle of Sony’s Monolithic TV range as well as any other flat screen TV. Tensai […]

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Do Light Dimmers Save Energy?

They certainly do! There is a common misconception that dimmer switches merely convert restricted electricity into heat, for no real saving. This was true of the very old fashioned, early models, but today’s dimmer switches, like Lutron’s system, dial down the energy used as well as the light, helping you create a romantic or soothing […]

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Artcoustic Speakers

The Artcoustic is an all-in-one stereo iPod music centre with state-of-the-art superb sound quality and endless design options. Your music should sound amazing every time you play it and with the Superstar you hear every detail as intended! The Superstar is the latest product in the Artcoustic range and unlike other all-in-one highend systems, the […]

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