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10% OFF Exakt & Katalyst Refurb Upgrade for LINN Klimax 350A and Akubarik

Linn Upgrade Special Offer

Every one should be able to upgrade their cherished Linn system, however we understand that the current Exakt upgrade pricing for Klimax 350A and Akubarik loudspeakers can sometimes be a barrier.

We are now offering a new, more affordable way to upgrade to the ultimate performance of Exakt, which re-uses your existing amplifier modules.

You will also benefit from the addition of Katalyst to your loudspeakers. This 4th generation DAC Architecture offers a new level of precision at the point where the digital signal is converted into sound, letting you gain a deeper insight into your music.

With the Linn Upgrade Special Offer modules are returned to the factory, supplied with new electronics and returned for installation into your loudspeakers by our highly trained staff.

You keep your original 3K arrays and you will receive a renewed 5 year warranty for the electronics in your product. Speak to our team today if you are interested in learning more about this upgrade option.

Contact us today to discuss discount upgrades further.

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