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10% OFF Exakt & Katalyst Refurb Upgrade for LINN Klimax 350A and Akubarik

Linn Upgrade Special Offer Every one should be able to upgrade their cherished Linn system, however we understand that the current Exakt upgrade pricing for Klimax 350A and Akubarik loudspeakers can sometimes be a barrier. We are now offering a new, more affordable way to upgrade to the ultimate performance of Exakt, which re-uses your […]

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Linn Akubarik – The Linn Activ Loudspeaker You’ve Been Waiting 40 Years For

40 years of Linn’s loudspeaker knowledge and expertise have been applied to produce the Linn Akubarik – a new Linn loudspeaker that stands apart from the crowd. Linn Akubarik includes a host of ground-breaking technical developments as well building on key technologies from Linn’s reference Linn Klimax 350A loudspeakers. What So Special About Linn Akubarik? […]

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