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What To Do With A Bob Dylan Vinyl & Other Records

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Do you have an old box of records sitting out in the garage? Maybe you inherited some old vinyl from your parents. Instead of letting them gather dust out in the garage, consider some of the different things you can do with them. Most people don’t know that vinyl records have been making a comeback. Independent record stores and online vendors do very well buying, selling, and trading new and old vinyl. Before you dump them to a far dark corner of your garage, consider the alternatives.

Selling Old Vinyl Records

Selling old vinyl records can be a great way to start a new hobby or simply make a little bit of money. There is a huge market of record collectors that will spend thousands of dollars on vintage vinyl records. Do some research on the vinyl you have. Find out if any of the artists are selling at top dollar. You never know when an old Beatles album you have collecting dust can be worth thousands. Not only can you make money but you might find yourself interested in becoming a professional collector. It can be a fun hobby to pick up especially for a music lover.

Hold On To Them

Another idea is to simply hold on to them. Get something like a VPI record cleaner and some plastic sleeves and properly s tore that old Bob Dylan vinyl. You may have some records that will age well, and really be worth something later. They can also be great to pass down to your own kids. Sharing music with your family can be a wonderful bonding experience. You can create memories together that they will never forget. Today’s youth are unfamiliar with records and record players. Introduce them to something really special.

Do you have a music room or entertainment space in your home? They can be great decorative items, sitting on a shelf or with an old vintage record player. They can be especially wonderful in a home with other vintage items. If you or your family collects antiques they make a wonderful decorative addition. Consider taking the vinyl out and using the album covers as wall decorations. This can be a fun way to make use out of them in a game room or other gathering space. You might even be able to decorate your office using them.

Don’t just stuff those old vinyls into the back of your garage, get creative with them.

Eric Blair writes about lp records and vinyl record cleaners that are making a come back amonth the young people.

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