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Sonos Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulties with your Sonos equipment you are more than welcome to call us. However, first please try these troubleshooting tips:


  1. Check your firewall. It may be blocking your Sonos system. You can create an exception in your firewall software for Sonos.
  2. Reset your system, wait 60 seconds and restart.
  3. Check that vents are not blocked.
  4. Check that the plug has not short circuited.
  5. Check your wireless settings, or your ethernet cable if using a wired connection.
  6. Check the speed of your network, if it is sluggish, that could be causing the issue.
  7. Ensure all cables are attached, unbroken and working.
  8. Try switching off any wireless telephones.
  9. Ensure your Zoneplayer is attached to the router correctly.
  10. Move your controller closer to the router.

Hope this helps!

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