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Saving Playlists Now Available in Linn’s Control AP Kazoo

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Saving Playlists Now Available in LINN’S CONTROL AP Kazoo

Linn are now pleased to announce that Linn Kazoo now delivers the Save Playlist functionality – the most-requested feature from Linn’s control app.

Select tracks from your music library and TIDAL to create your ultimate playlists. You can create, save and edit playlists easily at any time, all from the convenience of your iPad, laptop, PC or Mac.

When you’ve made your choices, click on the save icon to store the playlist locally for future access. The entire playlist can be re-ordered, re-named or deleted as required.


Saving Playlists via Kazoo


Build a playlist by choosing tracks from your music library or TIDAL and selecting Play Now, Play Next or Play Later.


Make unlimited playlists and name them for easy identification:

It’s easy to re-order your playlists, remove tracks or delete the playlist at any time.

Access your playlists via the new ‘My Playlists’ tile:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.