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Price updates on all our Grado Products.

Here at Rococo we constantly ensure our loyal customers are receiving news and the most up to date information on Audio & Visual equipment at the best possible prices. As the market increases in competitiveness we work relentlessly to blow the competition out of the water with our competitive prices and outstanding product range!

Grado is a brand we love and they are now one of our best sellers when it comes to headphones. Unsurprisingly as they are one of the oldest family owned businesses in the audio world, with over 50 years of experience in designing and creating the best quality headphones to suit everyone’s needs. With this in mind, prices on nearly all Grado products have now been updated to guarantee our customers are receiving deals as good as the products they buy.

Need help with buying the right Grado product for you? Please do not hesitate in giving us a call and make sure you receive the headphones that are perfect for you.

Hot pick of the week:

Whilst writing this blog, we just had to try our Grado headphone collection out for ourselves and all decided on the Gr0040 Grado RS-2i headphones as our pick of the week.

Featuring handcrafted mahogany earpieces that require an intricate curing process to optimise the tonal quality, these headphones are beautifully designed and not only look fantastic but sound incredible too. Warm, smooth, full-bodied, rich and non-fatiguing sound with luscious, rich resonant bass plays through the wonderfully soft, padded earpieces. Listen to audio of the highest quality comfortably all day. These headphones are definitely worth taking a better look at and are a certain recommendation from us!

We’re still trying to locate Dave and the RS-2i’s as he was the last one seen with them!

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