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Linn’s new range of DSM Systems is designed for the living room.

Available at Klimax, Akurate and Majik level, DSM Systems make anything you listen to sound better.

Anything you listen to

From MP3 to Studio Master, from music to movies and games, everything sounds better with Linn and it’s easier than ever to enjoy great sound anywhere in your home.

There are options to connect your Blu-ray or DVD player, digital or satellite TV, so you’ll hear the difference Linn makes to your viewing pleasure.

Anything you listen to on a PC or Mac can be enjoyed in higher quality through a DSM System. If you’re using a computer to listen to iTunes, Spotify, iPlayer, YouTube, internet radio or streamed concerts, then you can send it over the network with Songcast and listen on your Linn.

Now imagine a friend comes to your home and wants to play their music collection from their mobile — they can, by sending music straight from their phone or tablet to a DSM System wirelessly.

Anywhere in your home

With Songcast able to share any audio anywhere, you can stream music, soundtracks and live concerts from one room to another, and enjoy great sound throughout your home.

DSM Systems are built for the whole household — you can have shared or separate music libraries and everyone can choose music using their preferred app, whether that’s iTunes or Linn’s own Kinsky app. Listen to different music in different rooms, or have the whole house dancing to the same beat.

It’s all in the family

As part of the Linn DS family, our new range of DSM Systems work on your home network alongside your existing Linn system and the products you already use every day.

Everything we make is open and modular, which gives you the flexibility to combine, swap and upgrade products as you go.

Try a DSM System

The best way to try the new DSM Systems is to visit a shop and have a listen. Contact your Linn Specialist to find out more or Try a System at a shop near you to hear the difference Linn can make to your favourite music, movies, TV and games.

Special DSM System events will begin in November — ask your retailer for details or sign up to our News e-mails to receive early notification.

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