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Linn Wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation

Linn has been awarded the most prestigious accolade available to UK businesses: the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Linn’s award in the Innovation category celebrates the success of their digital streaming technology – Linn DS

Approved by Her Majesty The Queen following the recommendation of the Prime Minister, the Queen’s Award for Innovation recognises the engineering prowess and passion for music embodied within Linn’s industry-leading range of DS systems.

A royal connection

Awarded the Royal Warrant in 2002 as providers of entertainment systems to the Royal Household, winning this award for innovation exactly a decade later is especially pleasing.

From the birth of the Linn Sondek LP12 40 years ago to the development of their latest Linn digital stream players, we have never been afraid to think differently. Their success with 24-bit Studio Master music recordings led Gramophone magazine to name them Label of the Year in 2010, with their editor James Jolly praising Linn Records as “the very model of a modern record company”.

The future of music

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn’s Managing Director, is delighted to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation:
“Innovation is at the heart of Linn. We designed our DS platform from scratch, starting in 2004, and launching our first product, the Klimax DS, in 2007. Klimax DS immediately set a new performance benchmark in home music systems. Since then, we’ve released a full range of DS systems across the price spectrum, with all of them playing everything from mp3 to 24-bit Studio Master and making the music sound better. Our most recent updates let you play music wirelessly from computers and mobile devices, stream online music and movies, and connect everything in the modern living room through your Linn system.”

The launch of DSM Systems has pushed Linn DS technology even further forward, with recent upgrades improving the audio quality of movies, games and online services such as Spotify, YouTube and Netflix for all Linn DS owners.
Find out more about Linn DS – the beating heart of every Linn system – and discover how digital streaming works.

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