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Linn Upgrades

Home interior featuring a Linn upgrade exakt system.

Linn Upgrades

Moving on is an important part of life. If we all remained within the boundaries of our comfort zones life would be rather boring. Therefore, Linn are always improving and developing our beloved systems, with their new technologies.

At Rococo Systems we have over 25 years’ experience of working with Linn products, the knowledge we have developed over the years has given us the ability to advise you with what is the best way forward when it comes to upgrading your Linn system to the latest specifications.

We are driven to continuously improve your system and wherever possible do the upgrades at Rococo. Occasionally, depending on the age of your equipment may need to be returned to the Linn factory, again we can organise this.

Linn Klimax Exaktbox upgrade


Please continue to read below to learn more about some of the upgrades we can offer to our customers.

Exaktbox – The Ultimate Upgrade

Linn’s integrated speakers contain their own amps and Exact technology built in, but with an exaktbox combined with another amplification you can upgrade to Exakt while keeping your current speakers.

Exakt was developed to increase the realistic performance of your system. When you listen to your favourite artists on a Linn Exakt it is like listening to the real musicians right in front of you. The system offers the most natural sound, but it all depends on the timings. The technologies of today have allowed Linn to create something so developed that we can ensure there will be the perfect time alignment of every note from all your favourite tracks so you can enjoy the same original sound as if you were live at your favourite bands concert.

In technical terms the Exakt system delays higher frequencies to make sure they line up with the lower frequencies. When the music reaches your ear the pitch of each note and the harmonics it offers all arrive perfectly in time, preserving the character of each instrument.

If you have recently done an Aktiv upgrade, the Exaktbox takes the position of the Aktiv cards or tunebox. If you have passive speakers just add an Exaktbox with additional channels of amplification to operate all the channels in your speakers independently.

Linn upgrades

Linn Exaktbox Upgrades


The Linn Exaktbox Range:

Klimax Exaktbox – 6 channel exakt digital crossover and DAC

— Akurate Exaktbox 10 Channel- exakt digital crossover and DAC

— Akurate Exaktbox 6 Channel- exakt digital crossover and DAC

— Akurate Exaktbox-l – exakt digital crossover and DAC with integrated power amplifier

— Exaktbox Sub – exakt digital crossover and DAC designed for use with subwoofers


Klimax Exaktbox

Enjoy natural sounds when you upgrade your Linn system with the Klimax Exaktbox. The digital crossover provides a delegate sound just by aligning all the frequencies produced from each note. Combined with our Katalyst DAC architecture you will experience the greater side to the sound to enhance your everyday listening.

Klimax Exaktbox also features a transformer balanced output stage replicated from the reference Klimax DS player. You can add a Klimax Exaktbox to both two- and three-way speakers, or for the ultimate exposure of sound you can use one per speaker, giving you the option to upgrade up to a six-way speaker.

Great features about the Klimax Exaktbox Upgrade:

— Linn Dynamik Power Supply

— Enclosure Machined from Aluminum

— 6 – 10 Channels

— Features DAC Architecture

— One Exaktbox Supports up to Three Way Speakers (Stereo)

— Supports up to Three Way Dual Mono

— Two Exaktboxes Support up to Six Way Speakers (Mono)

Linn Exaktbox Upgrades

Klimax Exakt Box Upgrade – Silver


Akurate Exaktbox

Akurate Exatboxes provide all the features of Exakt technology to your speakers but because the software is upgradable and multi-functional if you ever decide to change your speakers in the future, you can reuse the same upgrade. 

Delivering flexibility, the Akurate Exaktbox is available in a variety of versions. 10-channel for speakers upto a 5 way, and 6-channel for speakers up to a 3 way. Both of these versions offer the popular Katalyst DAC Architecture feature from Linns original Klimax range, so you can enhance your everyday listening experience. 

Great features about the Akurate Exaktbox Upgrade:

— Exakt digital crossover with 6 or 10 channels of DAC

— Features Katalyst DAC Architecture

— Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) analogue outputs

— Exakt Link connections for connection to Exakt-ready network music player

— 6-channel version supports up to 3-way speakers

— 10-channel version supports up to 5-way speakers

— Linn Dynamik power supply

Linn Exaktbox Upgraade (AKURATE)

Akurate Exaktbox upgrade in black


Akurate-l Exaktbox 

When upgrading your speakers to Exakt it’s important to make sure your speakers are running actively. This means it’s essential to have enough amps to devote a channel to every drive unit. With Exaktbox-l you can upgrade to Exakt with all the amps you need, all in one! It’s an essential one box Exakt upgrade! 

Just like all the Exaktbox upgrades the Akurate Exaktbox features the Katalyst DAC Architecture formed from the original Klimax range. 

All the benefits of Exakt with 8 channels of 100 W Chakra amplifiers, this unit is capable of upgrading any exakt compatible speaker up to a 4 way. Connect using Exakt line, it’s the ideal partner for Akurate DSM

Great features about the Akurate-l Exaktbox Upgrade:

— Exakt digital crossover with 8 channels of DAC

— Features Katalyst DAC Architecture

— 8 channels of 100 W Chakra amplification

— 2 Exakt Link connections

— 8 speaker outputs

— Linn Dynamik power supply

The rear of the Akurate-l  linn upgrade

Back end of Akurate-l Linn Upgrade


Exakt Sub 

How frustrating is it not being able to add subwoofers to your system as they don’t compromise with the look of your speakers?! Well this problem can still be solved! With the exakt sub, designed specifically for use with subwoofers, you can stress free integrate any subwoofer with your Exakt system, taking the whole system phase linear to 0 Hz. So you can add bass without removing any sound performance.  

By using a dedicated exaktbox sub you are not only receiving the best precision from the Exakt crossover and a completely linear phase response it also allows for a separate configuration of your main speaker as well as the subwoofer, so the destination of each speaker and associated differences in time of flight to your listening positing can be looked after. 

Great features about the Exakt Sub Exaktbox Upgrade:

— Digital crossover with 2 channels of DAC

— 2 Exakt Link connections

— Supports 2 subwoofers in mono mode

— Supports 1 subwoofer in stereo mode

— Compatible with all subwoofers

Exakt Sub Linn Upgrade

Exakt Sub Linn Upgrade – Back of product


Linn Dynamik Power Supply Upgrade

Linn Dynamik power supply are available for:

— Akurate DS

— Akurate power amplifiers (all models)

— Chakra power amplifiers (all models)

— Klimax DS

— Majik DS

— Majik power amplifiers (all models)

— Radikal

— Uphorik

The benchmark for each Linn range has been raised with the Linn Dynamik power supply as it transforms the performance of all Linn systems. The sonic results will amaze you.

The Linn Dynamik powers products more effectively and enhances audio performance whilst reducing background noise levels to ensure you hear both the smaller and larger details of your favourite tracks.

Linn Upgrade - Linn Dynamik Power Supply

Linn Dynamik – printed on the bottom of each supported product

Featuring an original Linn design, the first release of the Dynamik spent over three years in the manufacturing process to improve every aspect of the power supply, which today plays a big part in the audio quality.

The Linn Dynamik also participated in a significant role of the Linn development; the power provided has been used to function many of Linn’s products since back in 2009. Each product that is supplied by a Linn dynamik has a sprinted label on the base that states ‘Powered by Linn Dynamik’.

If this label is not there check out the list of Linn Dynamik compatible products above and speak to one of our Linn specialists about upgrading your product to Linn Dynamik.

There are so many reasons to upgrade your system to Linn Dynamic!

Shown below is a brief overview of the great features and benefits of the simple development:

Lower Noise: the improved filtering reduces noise from entering the circuits that are powered by the Dynamik. This will improve the overall performance. Generally, the sound can be in a Radio Frequency range where the noise is capacitively coupled between cables, which degrades the system performance.

Reduced Emissions: as mentioned above the improved filtering reduces the noise from the power supply which effects the other products within the system eg. speakers.

Faster Response: the dynamik has improved control loops to enable the power supply to react faster to changes in the music. In a standard power amplifier this reduces the ripple on the voltage which is a source of distortion coherent with the music.

Warranty: provided with a two-year warranty with the exception of the linn klimax return to factory upgrades which hold a five-year warranty.

Linn Dynamik Power Supply

Linn Dynamik Power Supply


Aktiv Upgrades

Aktiv Cards are a small device that slip inside some systems such as Linn Akurates, Majiks and Chakra Power Amplifiers They are used to supply each channel of amplification the prescribed amount of the audio signal it requires to feed each drive unit into your speakers.

Just by splitting the signal before the amplification stage, the power of the speakers reduces the noise and disruption caused by the iconic passive crossover design.

You will also need a channel of amps for every speaker drive unit alongside your Aktiv Card. Akurate and Majik power amplifiers make life easy when trying to add the channels needed for your Linn speakers with two to six channel models available.

Additionally, if you are purchasing an Akurate or Majik amp for an upgrade to Aktiv, we can include the Aktiv Cards required for your speakers at no additional costs.

There are nearly 30 great speakers which are all compatible with Aktiv Cards! Here is the list:

Akubarik Passive, Akurate 212, Akurate 225, Akurate 242, Akurate 320, Akurate 340, Akurate 350, Ekwal, Espek, Kaber, Katan, Keilidh, Keltik, Klimax 350 Passive, Komponent 104, Komponent 106, Komponent 110, Majik 109, Majik 112, Majik 140, Majik Isobarik, Ninka, Sekrit, Sekrit IW10, Tirkan, Tukan, 104C, 106C

Linn Aktiv Cards


HDMI Upgrade:

Compatibility with HDMI 2.0 was added to the Linn upgrade selection in 2016. Handling UHD and HDR video pass through for adaptation with ultra-high definition video sources and displays. This spec is also available with HDCP 2.2 encryption, audio return channel (ARC) and consumer electronics control (CEC).

The HDMI 2.0 compatibility upgrade is available for:

— Klimax DSM

— Klimax system hub

— Akurate DSM

— Akurate system hub

— Selekt DSM

— Majik DSM

Here at Rococo we have a team full of Linn Specialists who will be happy to fit the HDMI 2.0 upgrade into your current DSM player.

HDMI 2.0 Upgrade

Step guide to HDMI Upgrade


KATALYST The biggest of our linn upgrades of the pack, yet.

The most recent Klimax DS offers the popular Katalyst DAC Architecture. Katalyst features a remarkable level of control over the essential elements that are relied upon for the analogues signal to provide improved data development, admirable Master Clock, independent power supplies and the new and improved high stability input reference level.

Katalyst’s new input Reference Level eliminates change throughout the analogues signal creation and removes all the critical errors to provide your system with less distortion but greater precision so you can have a deeper relationship with your music.

Experience the best performance ever from a digital source by upgrading your Klimax Ds to the new version only introduced in September of 2016.

— Upgrades any Klimax DS or DSM made before September 2016

— Exakt Link connections on board

— Features Katalyst DAC Architecture for improved audio performance

— Includes HDMI 2.0 connections (KIMAX DSM ONLY)

How has the Katalyst improved on past products?


Reference Level – isolating your music from outbound noise to increase a stable reference level voltage that generates the signals amplitude without change.

Independent Power Supplies – independent and isolated power supplies are tailored to fit all the processes, so a response from one process can’t interfere with the performance of another, resulting in a much lower distortion.

Data Optimisation – a designed development stage that prepares the digital signal for conversion with accuracy, removing any errors before the start of the process.

Master Clock – a singular high precision clock with its own independent power supply to ensure greater timing throughout tracks.

Output Driver – a new ultra-low distortion analogue driver prepares the gentle analogue signal for transmission out of the device making it less susceptible to noise and degradation.

Akurate DSM Featuring Katalyst


Akurate DS & DSM Upgrade:

Both the Akurate DS and DSM network streamers have experienced a huge improvement in their performance with the new Katalyst DAC technology.

Whether you like vibing to music or watching movies on the TV the upgrade from Akurate DSM to Katalyst DAC architecture gives you a remarkable sound quality with everything you listen too.

If you own an older Akurate DSM model, this upgrade is also suitable for you as it includes additional features including Ekakt Links, so your music player is ready for connection to an Exaktbox or Exakt speakers.

— Upgrades any Akurate DS or DSM made before March 2016

— Exakt Link connections on board

— Features Katalyst DAC Architecture for improved audio performance

— Includes HDMI 2.0 connections (AKURATE DSM ONLY)

— Available in silver or black



Majik DSM Upgrade:

Add Exakt Links to your Majik DSM player.

In March 2015 Linn added an Exakt Link to Majik DSM, so you can connect to Exakt speakers or any Exakt box, including Majik Exaktbox-l, it is the ideal 1 box upgrade!

In September of 2016 Linn added a new feature to only the Majik DSM that was HDMI 2.0 compatibility. This unique feature enables you to connect to your TV and experience outstanding sound quality from your favourite movies as well as your most loved songs.

*If you own an older version of the Majik DSM (manufactured before March 2015) you can have it upgraded to the latest specification when purchasing a Majik Exaktbox or another Exakt product. *

— Adds Exakt Links connections

— Improved audio quality when using analogue outputs

— Available when purchasing an Exakt product*

— Features HDMI 2.0 connections (MAJIK DSM ONLY)


Majik DS-I to DSM Conversion

Turn your DS-I into a DSM — with Exakt Link

The latest Majik DSM features Exakt Link, ready for connection to Exakt speakers or any Exaktbox, including Majik Exaktbox-I, the ideal 1-box Exakt upgrade.

If you own a Majik DS-I, you can have it converted to the current specification Majik DSM, including the addition of HDMI 2.0 connections, when purchasing a Majik Exaktbox-I or other Exakt product.*

Linn Exaktbox Upgrade

Linn Majik Exaktbox Black


Speaker Upgrades

There are several Linn speaker upgrades available

— Klimax 350 Conversion

— Exakt and Katalyst upgrade for Klimax 350/Artikulat 350 speakers

— Klimax 350 conversion package

— Katalyst Upgrade for Klimax 350 (exakt)

— Exakt and Katalyst upgrade for Akubarik (aktiv)

— Katalyst upgrade for exakt akubarik

— Katalyst upgrade for Akudorik

— Exakt Dorik Upgrade Stands

Klimax 350s Gloss White

For further information on any Linn upgrades please call us on 0207 454 1234 or 01277890888

Or email [email protected]

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