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Linn Majik DSI

Linn’s Majik DS-I is the ultimate one-box DS system and the future hub of your home entertainment system. Majik DS-I delivers exceptional audio performance from any analogue or digital source, from your ripped CDs and music downloads to your cherished turntable or latest movie player, and even your satellite TV or games console.

The Majik DS-I from Linn will extract the best from any source, with the same DAC that provides the incredible Linn DS )Digital Stream) clarity up-sampling and improving any digital source, bringing a new level of depth and realism to movies and games. Simply add your Majik DS-I to your home network and it will convert your securely stored music collection into the highest quality audio and stream it across your home, transforming the way you enjoy music forever.

Choose you favourite interface from a wide variety of control points and get album art and playlist control of your entire music collection from your PC, touchscreen, PDA or phone. Majik DS-I uses standard open interfaces like UPnP and can be easily updated with the latest features from Linn.

Powered by Linn Dynamik, Majik DS-I provides two 100 watt channels of Linn Chakra amplification, ensuring there is enough power and precision to handle the most demanding audio.

Only Majik DS-I gives you the famed Linn sound quality from just one box – just add loudspeakers to complete a system that delivers the perfect introduction to genuine specialist performance.

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