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Linn Majik DS Explored

Linn Majik DS

Linn Majik DS (Photo credit: EC1 Matt)


A whole new world of sound will be found when listening to this music player that will outperform any CD player, meaning you can enjoy your digital music with an amazing recording studio sound quality for the very first time.

The Linn Majik DS will release the full potential of your digital downloads and also your ripped CD collection. The Linn Majik DS utilises proven technology that is derived from that used in the flagship Linn Klimax DS player. The Majik DS plays a wide range of formats from the highest quality recording to WAV files and MP3’s

The Linn Majik DS allows you to catalogue your entire music collection and then select and control it all at the touch of a button. We believe that you should decide how to control your Majik DS which is why the Majik DS has been designed with many different control options in mind, for example a touch screen, a remote control or even your mobile phone.

You can connect your Linn Majik DS to your computer and home network , so your music can be stored on a networked hard drive (NAS) which is a secure and reliable devise that can grow with your music collection.

We believe that the Majik DS is truly the future of music and your hardware won’t be left behind as regular software updates keep it up to date.

If you decide that you need to have your entire music collection in other rooms throughout you home then you can either connect more Majik DS players to your system or add a Linn Knect multi-room system.

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