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Systems to fit your life: The Linn Klimax System

The Linn Klimax system reads like a designer wishlist: sound quality beyond compare; stunning looks and build quality; one discreet unit machined from a single block of aluminium and flanked by a pair of gorgeous loudspeakers. This isn’t just the last music system you’ll ever need — it’s the last system you’ll ever want.

Featuring Klimax DSM, our best digital music player with inputs, and Klimax 350A, our highest-performing speakers with built-in power amplification, this an incredibly simple system which will make anything you listen to at home sound better.

As one of the UK’s largest Linn Dealers and an Authorised Klimax Dealer, book your place in our Demo rooms and let us show you how a Linn Klimax system can transform the music you love. Call us on 0207 454 1234 or e-mail on [email protected] to book a date and time that’s convenient to you.

View the Linn Klimax in more detail here.

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