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Linn Give you 10% OFF & We give you another 5% making this the best ever deal on trading in and up with Linn.

Linn Special Offer

Trade in any age and any brand of pre-amp we will give you a fantastic 15% OFF a Linn DSM player today.  This is a limited offer so don’t delay.  Let’s get you hearing your music as it should be!

Enjoy Higher Performance from Every Source.

A Linn DSM player not only streams digital music at the highest quality, but also provided the best performance from all your other connected sources.

Whether you are listening to a record or watching a movie, a Linn DSM has the analogue and digital inputs you need to connect any external source, and uses Linn’s latest technologies to protect each signal better than any stand-alone pre amplifier.

What’s more, every source connected also benefits from Linn Space Optimisation, ensuring you hear the true sound of the music, not the room.

Goodbye Stand-Alone Pre-Amps

Because Linn’s latest players now outperform stand-alone pre-amps in every regard. While also offering additional features and upgrade options, we have taken the decision to stop making separate pre-amplifiers altogether.

Trade in Your Pre-Amp

Now you can make the transition to Linn DSM with out trade-in offer. From now until 14th August, it is so simple bring in your old pre-amp or integrated amp along to us and trade it in for any DSM player from our range*. No matter what brand or model of pre-amp you trade in, you will receive a 15% discount off the retail price of your new Linn DSM.

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