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Linn EX Demo & Second Hand

Linn Ex Demo & Second Hand items for sale.

We have these Linn Ex Demo & Second Hand quality items available. They are all in excellent condition with original packaging and all original accessories.

Linn Klimax Exakt hub in silver

Linn Ninka Speakers in Cherry

Linn LK140 x 2

Linn Activ Cards for Linn Ninka Speakers

Linn Kolector

Linn Majik LP12 in walnut finish

Linn K400 speaker cable

Linn Akurate DSM Black in excellent condition

Linn Akurate 4200 Black excellent condition

Linn Klimax DS

Linn Klimax  350P loudspeakers Black

Linn Series 530 Speakers

Linn Series 520/530 Covers

Linn Akurate  2220 AmplifierLinn Ex Demo & Second Hand 520 Speakers Timorous-Beaties-Birdbranch-Blueberry

Linn Selekt DSM

Linn Majik 109 Speakers in Walnut

Linn Majik 140 Speakers in black

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