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Has the sun set on Logitech Audio?


The short and simple answer? Yes. Logitech will now sell all of its audio products under the Ultimate Ears brand.

The firm announced today it has gone through a rebranding, with all audio products to be labelled ‘UE’, in a move to create a stronger high-street presence. The Logitech stamp will remain on computer accessories.

Ultimate Ears began life in 1995 when a sound engineer created custom in-ear monitors to allow Alex Van Halen to hear his band members during performances. Since then, the brand has become a supplier of in-ear monitors for professional musicians.

Logitech bought Ultimate Ears in 2008, and has been selling audio products as the ‘Logitech UE’ range. Existing products like the Logitech UE Air Speaker and Mobile Boombox will continue to be sold with the current branding.

Logitech UK senior marketing manager Darren Mangan said, “We believe that Ultimate Ears’ rich heritage in serving the world’s top touring musicians will appeal to consumers. You will continue to see the same signature sound in our Ultimate Ears line-up that you found in our Logitech UE products.”

The company’s first product has also been launched, the UE Boom, ‘the world’s first social media player’.

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