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Fyne F501 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Fyne Audio Speakers

Fyne Audio Speakers are a relatively new British name in the audio world, but there is over 200 years of collective loudspeaker design and manufacturing expertise across their management team.

Priding themselves on being devoted audio professionals with a passion for music and a desire for the finest sound quality.

The Experience 

The experience Fyne Audio holds is one that covers everything from designing and manufacturing outstanding, award winning speakers that always deliver to the highest quality.

The knowledge Fyne Audio Speakers have developed over the years has led them to duplicate the latest technologies and convert them into their own manufacturing skills which take place in the design of each of their speakers. 

Something For Everyone

Whether you’re an audio fanatic or just a general everyday listener Fyne Audio have the perfect system for you.

Ranging from compact bookshelf speakers to larger floor standing ones, each without a single compromise on sound performance and design.

The Speakers

Fyne Audio F1 Series
Fyne Audio F1 Series

The Flagship F1 Series 

The first step into Fyne Audios journey began with the F1 series. 

This series was Fynes first ever establishment as a business, hence why it has been named the F1. 

About The F1 Series

The design pattern is truly unique and the innovative feature list is outstanding. 

From the heavyweight plinth to the intricate burr inlay on the front and top of the cabinet. 

Every element of the loudspeaker series has been meticulously considered to ensure stunning audio performance combined with aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetics and Details 

The F1 series features loudspeakers varying from the compact bookshelf size of 5′ to the larger floor standing of 12. 

All of which are available in a piano gloss walnut finish to compliment all home/office interiors. 

Part of the design features a heavy weight aluminium platform. 

his is used to provide stability that ensures a clear-cut low frequency performance and determination of fine detail with every note played. 

The F700
F700 Series Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The Iconic F7 Series

The F700 series has set new benchmarks in loudspeaker performance and aesthetic design.

 Manufactured in the UK with Fynes signature point source IsoFlare drivers. 

FyneFlute surround and BassTrax diffuser system, the range distills trickle-down technology from the flagship F1 loudspeaker into a more affordable design for the contemporary home.

A Contemporary Design

The instant attraction of this speaker is enhanced by the trendy hand crafted curved cabinet, shaped to appeal both the ear and the eye. 

Each panel is carefully built to precisely calculate the diffusion of waves, this ensures the greatest sound can commence. 

Dense birch plywood has been the main contender within the manufacturing process, this material was used due to its low sonic colouration.

Award Winning

The F702 was released exactly a year after Fyne Audio arrived on the market and since then it has become an award winning Hi-Fi choice. 

Configuring a contemporary styled speaker distilling the best of Fynes new technologies and expertise into a midsized floor standing design. 


The Combo F502SP Series

Designed and manufactured in the UK the F502SP (Special Production) builds on the award winning F502.

Whilst utilising the 200 mm IsoFlare driver and 200 mm bass driver with FyneFlute surround derived from its F702 sibling. 

Further improving the standard F502’s BassTrax porting system, the F502SP benefits from the fill aluminium sandwich plinth and conical Tractrix profile bass diffuser developed for the signature F700 series. 

The Finishes

To compliment a wide range of interiors the F502SP is available in high gloss black and high gloss white finishes as standard.

Or for a more premium approach to the design it is also available in a luxurious gloss lacquered walnut veneer with diamond machine cut finish on the aluminium chassis. 

Fyne Audio

The F500 Series

The award winning F500 series features Fyne’s point source IsoFlare drivers, FyneFlute surround and BassTrax tractrix diffuser system, which ensures optimal in room performance at exceptional value. 

A Passion For Music

A passion for music lies at the heart of everything Fyne Audio does, this immediately becomes clear when you listen to the F500 series. 

It is a highly accomplished series with attractive, detailed, engaging and bold sounds. 

New Technologies

The technology used in the development of this series is excessively smart. 

Although the appealing cabinets may look common, within them there are some intriguing aspects, ranging from the tweeter that improves time alignment to the FyneFlute which removes unwanted residences.

Even Bass

The curved baffle is not just for show. It also helps strengthen the cabinet. 

This follows on to the base where there is a traditional downward firing port which sits above a two conical diffuser to ensure bass is evenly distributed around the room

The F300 Series

With a price that is highly affordable you may think the F300 downgrades on quality but actually the award wining F300 Series benefits from the very best technical and sound knowledge in the loudspeaker industry.

Signature Technology 

Featuring the signature FyneFlute surround technology, the F300 offers a variety of different specifications with audiophile performance in each one 

Unparalleled at its price with a line up that provides flexibility for music enthusiasts or movie lovers alike. 

The Cabinet & Crossover 

The well constructed speaker cabinet is a great starting point for anyone stepping on the high performance loud speaker ladder. 

Grasping sound is converted from all F300 models through a variety of MDF panels which are cross braced internally.

Optimal performance of the F300 series is assured using high quality components within the crossover including low loss LF laminated core inductors and HF polypropylene capacitors.